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To be a successful blogger it is essential to have a knowledge of all the necessary SEO tools. There are a variety of SEO tools that have been launched in the market that might come in handy these days. All the time that you spend in performing critical tasks can be easily done in no time with the help of these SEO tools. The best part is that you can easily find these tools online and they are absolutely free of cost.

ManySEOTools: The Best SEO Tools for Bloggers



SEO is what lifts your website from the ordinary to the extraordinary. It is something that cannot be ignored. With good SEO you website can give you a great revenue and your business can flourish. Therefore SEO tools are very important and essential to uplift a website. The more critical task is to find all these tools/software at one website.

ManySEOTools provides you with a platform of assembled SEO tools to enhance your blogging market.

But the uniqueness of the article or the page rank you can all do it easily with the help of Online free SEO tools. You can also keep tabs on the Meta tags and even generate them easily. Using these tools will amply the impact of your website on viewers and you can work on multiple websites using these simple tools as it will take relatively less time to perform SEO.

Article Rewriter:

For those of you who are too busy to write articles from scratch or edit the entire content, the tool Article Rewriter is available. With the help of this tool you can keep updating your blog or website without having to spend hours on rewriting a single article.

Plagiarism Checker:

Checking the originality of an article or post is now very easy. You can easily keep your writers in check and find out if the content written by them is plagiarized or not with the help of Plagiarism Checker.

Backlink Maker:

Backlink Maker allows you to make backlinks and of high quality and assists you in checking the quality of backlinks related to your website and blog.

Meta Tags Analyser:

Helps to seek the Meta tags that your competitors use these days and assess how you can place them strategically to grab an awesome benefit

Meta Tag Generator:

Meta Tag

Meta Tag

No more wasting time in generating optimized Meta tags as you can do it with ease with the help of Meta tag generator tool.

Keyword Position Checker:

Keywords are the footprints to a good google rank. Using the keywords properly and crosschecking them is very important. Keyword Position Checker can easily keep account of the keywords and make your articles more effective.

Robots.txt Generator:

To make your website work on Google fairly well, you will need to generate robots.txt file. To make this task simple and efficient for you, the tool robots.txt generator is available.

XML Sitemap Generator:

XML Sitemap Generators are your window to making website blueprints in a few seconds. They save a lot of time as this task dome manually can be quite time consuming.

Bulk Majestic Checker:

The Bulk Majestic Checker is basically to check the backlink numbers for up to 400 URLs by simply paste URLs feature, and up to 100,000 URLs from file uploading statistics. Although this varies according to the subscription but it is a very effective tool and analyses the backlinks very fast and saves a lot of time.

Skype Resolver:

Skype Resolver

Skype Resolver

Meetings on Skype have less chance of the clients being frauds but one can never be too sure about it. All you need to do is make use of a Skype Resolvers to locate the IP address by evading the client’s Skype settings.It is a very effective way to verify people and get to learn about their true identity. It can shield your business from becoming a victim of identity fraudulent activities.

WordPress Theme Detector:

Scratching your head as to which WordPress theme has been used for a particular website? Well you can save the guesses now as the WordPress Theme Detector can do that job for you and will also help you verify the plugins that are being used.

IP Address Lookup:

Finding out the true identity of your clients is necessary in blogging. For that you ought to know which part of the world they belong to. IP address help you in finding that out. You can use the IP Address Lookup tool to find out the location of the IP and the country of the person who is using it.

I hope that you enjoyed this post. Make use of these all SEO tools for your blog, It will very helpful to you. If you like this post please share it on your social media and stay tuned for more updates. 🙂

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  • very nice article. i am see your all the tool. all are very good but i have doubt on backlink maker. i am read on many places manually make backlink is very useful and if you creating by tool. penalty is coming on your site. what you said just tell me please.

  • Hi have covered nice piece of information on free seo tools..Using article rewriter / spun content will effect seo rankings of a blog right ?