Match Poker Vs. Real Poker: What’s the Difference

Many card games have an element of chance. You may use your skills but your luck plays some part in deciding if you are the winner. Poker is one such game that relies on skills and luck. You cannot play online poker without skills or become a winner if luck is not on your side.

However, one agency has taken upon themselves to eliminate the luck factor from poker. Known as IFMP, they have created a new version of poker called match poker.

Let’s find out more about the variant and how it differs from real poker.

Match Poker Vs. Real Poker

What is Match Poker?

Match Poker is created by the International Federation of Matchpoker (IFMP). It is similar to Texas Hold’em, with a few major differences.

The idea behind the game is to rely less on chance. Generally, this is not possible in real poker, as there is no control over the cards dealt.

However, match poker eliminates such acts of luck. It is solely a mind game that requires skills and experience.

IFMP is promoting match poker across the world. Several governments have recognized the games as a mind sport. As a result, match poker does not come under the classification of gambling.

Match Poker Vs. Real Poker: Major Differences

Match poker is available solely on devices like computers and mobiles. You will have to make a lot of effort to play the game in real life.

The major difference between the two versions is in gameplay. Players play in a team in match poker, whereas they compete against each other in real poker.

Moreover, the players in a team take positions in different poker tables. They do not sit at a single table.

Additionally, each position at the table receives the same hand. For example, the cards for seat 2 will be the same for every table, even if the team members are different.

Another difference is the goal of the game. In real poker, your aim is to win money by making the right bets.

However, you don’t play for money in match poker. Instead, you try to win chips from other teams.

Match poker has a predetermined number of rounds. After each round, the chips won by every team are determined. They receive a score based on the acquired chips.

However, the stack goes down to zero in the next round. The team with the highest points after all rounds is the winner.

Match poker relies on technology for analysis of scores and performance. It also offers animated replays and real-time scoring with perfect accuracy.

Additionally, you can track every action of each team member.

Final Thoughts

Match poker is a variant of real poker that relies less on chance. The game needs teams that sit out at different poker tables. Each position at any table receives the same hand, irrespective of the team. As a result, the game becomes fair and less random. You can rely on your skills and thinking to give your opponents a tough challenge.

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