Gauging Their Affection: 6 Methods for Measuring Customer Loyalty

It is impossible to measure your friends, family, or partners loyalty and that is probably for the best. However, you can measure the loyalty of a customer or customers. Now, why would you want to measure the loyalty of your customers? Well, a loyal customer will be more likely to.

Measuring Customer Loyalty

  • Refer you to more people or the people they know.
  • Continue buying items from you.
  • Not looking for other people to provide the services.
  • Stay away from competitors.
  • Be open to other services or products you may offer.
  • Provide customer satisfaction feedback.

1] Net Promoter Score or NPS

(Net Promoter Score or NPS) This is going to indicate the likeliness of the customer referring your business or company to their friends. A person is going to answer this question with a simple number.

They will provide you with a number one through ten on how likely they are to refer you to their acquaintances. This is also going to divide customers into three different categories.

  1. Detractors– These people are going to be scoring six or lower. These are the people that are likely not to recommend you to anyone. Therefore, they will also probably not use your services again. Lastly, they may shed a negative light on your company.
  2. Passives– These people rate your business at seven or eight. These people are satisfied but are likely not going to recommend you to people. They are not going to talk negative or look around for other people.
  3. Promoters– Those who score nine or ten are going to fall into this category. These are the people who are going to continue buying from you and recommending you.

To get your total NPS score you are going to subtract the detractor’s percentage by the promoter’s percentage.

2] Repurchase Ratio

This is going to measure the people who purchase items multiple times versus those who are one-time purchasers. A purchase is going to be the core of this relationship and is what is going to represent customer loyalty. To figure out this ratio, it depends on the type of business.

3] Upselling Ratio

This is going to track those who have bought more than one product by those who have only purchased one type of product from you. This may sound like a repurchase ratio but it is different because it does concern another product.

When customers buy new products, it indicates better customer loyalty. Plus, the more different a product is from the first, the better the customer loyalty is.

4] Customer Loyalty Index or CLI

This is going to track the loyalty of a customer over a period of time. This is going to incorporate the NPS, upselling, and repurchasing values as well. There is a six-point scale that is used to help calculate this section. Plus, customers are asked three questions as well.

5] How Much Would We Be Missed

This is going to be another option for the NPS Score. You will ask your customers how much they would miss you if you were to disappear. Just like the NPS, your customers will answer 1-10 on how much they would miss you.

6] Customer Engagement Numbers

(Customer Engagement Numbers) This is going to be the most effective way to measure customer loyalty. This is going to be the section where you can influence people to purchase items and get people to come back.


There is more than one way to measure how happy your customers are with you. Just keep in mind that it takes different methods to get the most accurate results.

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