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Top 15 Most Beautiful Albanian Women

Albania women are known for high morals, hard-working attitude and beauty. We are going to list down some of the beautiful women from Albania country. The women may come from an entertainment background, modeling field, and business field.

Top 15 Most Beautiful Women Of Albania

Most Beautiful Women Of Albania


15] Misse Beqiri

Brqiri started to get attention from the audience ever since she appeared in “The Real Housewives of Cheshire” series. She is the ex-wife of Anders Lindegaard, the former Manchester unit goalie. Misse discovered by the modeling agency Scandinavia, and they boosted her career for years.


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14] Diana Avdiu

Avdiu participated in Miss Universe Kosovo, and she was crowned as the Miss Universe in 2012. This beautiful Kosovar-Albanian model started modeling at a tender age of 15, and the career does not have a full stop.  Diana lives up to everyone expectation as she is working out every day to stay in good shape and honing her skills.


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13] Vildane Zeneli

Zeneli born in Kosovo, Albania, but she grew up in New York, USA. The Albanian beauty participated in Miss Diaspora Models International 2009 to represent Kosovo and she was crowned as the winner. Vildane signed many modeling contracts such as Ford model, Beats by Dre, and more.


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12] Amina Shena

Shena is an Albania model, and she was born & raised in Durres. The model participated in many beauty contests in the past, and she emerged as the winner.  She crowned Miss Queen Of Europe and???????? Miss Fotozhenia. Shena blessed with a son and she is very active on social media platforms.

The joy of having a baby in her hands encourages her to inspire & share the moments in the world. Amina started to work on her body to maintain the old shape and she managed to get back into shape after a while. Currently, Shena focusing on spending time with her son.


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11] Angela Martini

Martini Shkodër, Albania, but the family relocated to Switzerland for professional reasons. Later in life, the family moved again to the United States. Angela was the winner of Miss Universe Albania in 2010, and she is the founder of her swimwear company “Martini Bikini.”

Martini was part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2008. Currently, she is holding the record of the highest-placed Miss Universe Albania. Martini is working as a life coach as of now.

10] Luana Vjollca

Television host & pop singer Luana worked in the industry for a very long time, and she presented many television shows in the past. The debut pop song “Terbohu” released in 2013 and it helped her shape the music career.

Top Fest and Summerfest are a few albums Vjollca released in the past. The singer, author and Television presenter aiming to become the best musician in the country. Luana appreciated by millions of people in Albania for charming looks, acting skills, and her music.


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9] Antoinette Kalaj

Antoinette Kalaj Actress

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Kalaj is a popular female actor and model appearing in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Riddick Consort. Antoinette started her career from modeling and the teenage years had plenty of free time to explore. However, she enrolled to study law and medicine and continued to work for modeling agencies.

The agency offered her “The Limited”modeling contract, and then Kalaj never stopped getting offers. Antoinette knew that the newly found fame could get decent roles in the film industry and she ended up working for Hollywood movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

8] Floriana Garo

Garo was the winner of Miss World beauty pageant in 2012 and then she started to work as a Television presenter. Later on, Albanian model serving as the brand ambassador of Cortefiel (Albania).

Floriana Garo - Albanian television presenter

Image: Instagram

Many people don’t know that she started businesses in USA & Geneva and leading them to success. Currently, she is no longer into hosting a television show and focusing more on setting up a business in the USA.

7] Cindorella Toli

Cindorella Toli

Photo: Insta

Next Top Model is known for winning the title of popular beauty content show.  Greek Next Top Model selected Toli to run for the title like other contestants in the show.

Toli is one of the two girls to reach finals in the second series of the beauty show. Toli participated in the show at the tender age of 15-years-old. The young model started her career, and she might reach the gold brass of the industry.

6] Dajana Kllogjri

Dajana Kllogjri

Photo: Instagram

Kllogjri is an Albanian model working for many brands and fashion brands. The Albanian model made it to our list because she is known for gorgeous look and intelligence. Dajana focuses on lifestyle, fitness, and modeling, and she has worked extremely hard to maintain the physic and shape.

5] Ruensa Haxhiaj

Haxhiaj is an Albanian singer and model born to an orthodox Albanian family in Tirana. Unlike another woman in the lists, she started her journey with social media platform known for video statuses.

Fortunately, she gained plenty of attention from the audience on the platform and received good amount of followers. Haxhiaj used YouTube platform to upload covers of artists like Rita Ora, Jessie, Lady Gaga and more.

Unfortunately, the debut songs did not work out on any platform, but she did not give up. Ruensa uploads small parts of the popular songs and daily life videos. One of the songs “A po t’pëlqen” received 100,000 views on YouTube in 2014 and She appeared in Zhurma Show Awards in 2016 and ended up winning four awards.


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4] Aferdita Dreshaj

Dreshaj is an Albanian model known for being the finalist in Miss Universe Kosovo 2011 beauty pageant. However, the world knows for her for getting cozy with shirtless Leonardo DiCaprio balconies in 2013. Aferdita is a 6 feet tall, and she claims to be a singer than a model.

Born in Montenegro, but the family moved to the USA when she was only 12-years-old. Five years later, a photographer discovered her, and she started to work as a model at the age of 17-years-old. Dreshaj lives in Michigan, the USA with her mother, sister, and brother.


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3] Agnesa Vuthaj

Agnesa is a model, female actor, fashion designer, television host, and producer. Vuthaj participated in Miss World pageant in 2004 and Miss Universe in 2005. Agnesa worked for many modeling agencies and many countries brands.

The actress found international fame when Tiara International Film Festival crowned her with “Best Film Title” award. Vuthaj appears on many Television shows as a guest.


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2] Emina Cunmulaj

Emina is a gorgeous Albanian model born to Albanian parents in the United States of America. The model spent several years in the homeland Montenegro and learned to speak Albanian, Montenegrin, and English.

Emina Cunmulaj - American model


At 17-years -old age, Cunmulaj moved to the USA to pursue modelling, and it did not go in vain. Currently, she is one of the top Albanian models in the USA and Albania.

1] Amanda Lajcaj

Amanda Lajcaj

Photo: Insta

Lajcaj is an Albanian model and actress working in Albanian industry and Hollywood. The Albanian model started to practice dance at a very young age, and it helped to grow in the entertainment industry. After learning the art of dance, she can adapt the styles of contemporary, hip-hop, ballet, lyrical, modern, etc.


Let us know which Albanian beauty inspired you the most in the comment section below. There are many beautiful women to be discovered, and we cannot wait to update the list.

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