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OFF Page SEO 2017 Guide (Off Page Optimization)

Off Page SEO Tips: Off page search engine optimization (SEO) efforts can be broadly classified into three ultimate goals:

Earning backlinks that matter
Better search engine results page (SERP) rankings
• Enhanced social media presence

Off Page SEO Techniques

Let’s first analyze how these can be achieved through off page SEO and what they mean for your company’s overall web presence.

Off Page SEO Guide

Off Page SEO Guide

Getting Quality Backlinks

Employing good off page SEO tactics can boost the relevance of your web page, inspire trust in your online visitors, and make you an authoritative source in the search engines. Quality blogs and websites will only like to your pages if you display a combination of the aforementioned factors. You can earn quality backlinks through tools like Infographics, podcasts, videos, product or app reviews, testimonials, guest blog posts, press releases, etc.

When you receive quality backlinks through these methods, your search engine ranking will be automatically lifted. You also won’t have to lose sleep over being penalized by Google’s spam-fighting updates like Panda and Penguin.

Link Building Strategies

Reaching a Higher SERP Ranking

Good SERP rankings are the result of using off page SEO techniques that really matter. You can impress Google by creating personalized content, basing your content on a particular location, coming off as an authoritative website, and encouraging social shares. It’s important to point out that SERP and backlinks are closely related. For this reason, you must weed out bad backlinks to your webpage and ask for links from spam or untrustworthy sites to be removed. Maintaining a clean link profile is of great value for boosting SERP rankings.

Engaging through Social Media

When you create original, relevant content and share it on social media platforms, you’re bound to get at least a few likes and shares. Some followers may even blog about your original perspective on a chosen subject and credit you with the idea through backlinks. Social media can be a major factor in giving you better visibility and global popularity online. Use your well-known authority on a particular topic to write an article for your website and share it across your social media accounts. This off page SEO tactic will increase your trustworthiness and ultimately lead to better rankings.

Detailed Guide: The Ultimate Off-Page SEO Factors

Summing up everything there is to know about off page SEO isn’t possible in a just couple paragraphs. Luckily, the following is a very detailed Infographic created by Shane Barker to guide you through the off page SEO essentials and turn you into a SEO ninja.

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