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The Most Efficient Onboarding Checklists and Onboarding Softwares for Your Business

Depending on the size of the organization, the onboarding process can last for up to several months or even a year. When it comes to guiding new employees through their initial first steps in the organization, the process should be as seamless as possible.

A good employer will have a complete onboarding checklist that can help get the new hires up to speed at a much faster pace, increase their workflow and productivity. This process can help foster a feeling of community and a sense of support between the new hires and the employer.

Onboarding Checklists and Onboarding Softwares

A good and efficient onboarding checklist can lead to increased employee satisfaction and a reduced turnover as the main aim of businesses is to attract employees with top level talent and an effective skill set.

Asking new employees to identify their personal goals, where they see themselves in 5 years and how high they are looking to grow career wise, tends to create a more individualized approach for each new employee, the sense of belonging starts to appear.

The perfect onboarding process should strike the right balance, 80% formal and 20% informal. This can largely reduce frustration and help improve productivity as well as make a great first impression. A good onboarding checklist will contain the 4 components which are commonly referred to as the 4 C’s, these are as follows.

  • Compliance

All basic legal information and training must be provided on the rules and regulations.

  • Clarification

All new employees must be clear on their roles and duties. They should clearly understand their expectations.

  • Culture

The way new employees are introduced to their workplace and how they adapt to their  organizational norms.

  • Connection

All employers should help the new employees establish strong connections, build networks and business relationships.

Based on the type of organization, certain onboarding processes will only cover the first C, compliance. If the new hires are larger in number, the more levels that will be included in the onboarding program.

However, for each level there are necessary aspects to be discussed with the new employee in order to make them an effective contributor who works toward the growth of the organization.

Onboarding Checklist for New Employees During their First Year

1] Day 1 Checklist

  • Employers should conduct a general orientation and introduce them to superiors.
  • Review the schedule for the 1st week.
  • The Review the employee code of conduct and professional ethics.
  • Review all policies, especially those on safety and security.
  • Explain the compensation and benefits in detail.
  • Provide new employees with handbooks and answer any queries.
  • Review position information.
  • Help them create corporate accounts and login access.

2] Week 1 Checklist

  • Give each new employee their initial assignment.
  • Touch base every day to make sure they are settling in without difficulty.
  • Review the performance of each employee and set goals.
  • Review the probationary period of the employee.
  • Check if the assigned equipment is functioning and answer any related queries.
  • Employers should make sure that all new employees have met with key colleagues.
  • Invite new employees to connect with all the social media company accounts.

3] Month 1 Checklist

  • Continue to provide evaluations and regular feedback.
  • Ask for suggestions from the new employees.
  • Review all past assignments.
  • Review all upcoming assignments.
  • Ensure that all new employees are on schedule with training.
  • Check if the employee payroll is up and running effectively.
  • To keep new employees engaged, schedule regular meetings.

4] After 3 Months Checklist

  • Schedule an informal performance round and review.
  • Review all past and future assignments of employees.
  • Set performance goals and recognize accomplishments.
  • Share your feedback and ask them for their side of the objectives.
  • Check employee progress and training.
  • Discuss the end of the probationary period.

5] After 6 Months Checklist

  • Conduct a six-month performance review and detailed report.
  • Review all employee goals and the 6 month progress.
  • Set new goals and objectives for the next 6 months.
  • Ensure that all the new employees have received all necessary training.

6] After 1 Year Checklist

  • Conduct a yearly performance review.
  • Recognize that they have completed a year at the organization.
  • Discuss future goals, projects and plans for the next year.
  • Answer any questions and give/receive feedback.
  • Discuss the compensation structure and raise policies.

The Objectives of the HR Onboarding Software

There are many organizations that also take an informal approach to the employee onboarding process.

In cases like these, there is no set plan to be carried out and can sometimes backfire as the new employee may get a sense of discontentment due to there being no procedures in place or no one to provide clarity on the schedule of work for projects. They may feel as if they have been blindly selected for the role.

The purpose of a HR onboarding software is to automate many of the tedious and repetitive manual job offers as well as provision and schedule work related tasks to new employees. The benefit of HR onboarding is that it reduces the time HR personnel spend on securing the best suited candidates.

The main objectives of a HR onboarding software are to help the employee to identify with their new employer, avoid any misunderstandings, set achievable performance expectations, reduce anxiety of new employees, decrease the learning curve and build an optimistic attitude towards the values and priorities of the organization. A good way of choosing the right onboarding software is to check for strong customer support.

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