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Placing Your Horse Bets In Advance

When putting money on a horse, the potential returns will always play a part in how much you stake on it and how worthwhile you think that bet is.

The price is always decided by the bookmakers, who offer out a specific price which can fluctuate based on a lot of different variables. The Unibet offers online sports betting and online casino games. You can enjoy your favorite slots, table games and video poker games wherever you are!

Placing Your Horse Bets

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Securing the strongest possible price can be done in several ways but the most advised option will be backing early on, as that tends to be where bookmakers provide their biggest horse odds.

Less experienced punters underestimate the power of ante post betting but it’s a reliable way of clinching the best bookie odds before they fluctuate. You can technically bet on any sport on an antepost basis, as long as you back an outcome prior to it taking place.

Most other sports won’t offer ante post markets on their website and app but it’s a key part of horse racing betting, as it’s such a crucial opportunity to seal better odds.

Ante post betting markets

All major betting websites and apps have sections dedicated to highlighted festivals, so you’ll usually be able to see the odds and place your bets far in advance to the race getting underway.

Betting on horse racing

This not only spans over days like with most betting markets, but will even be available months prior, especially when there’s high profile horses that a lot of punters are urging to stake money on.

Despite regularly seeing this market on bookmaker websites and apps, there’s not much exposure surrounding ante post betting tips, making it difficult to get involved if you aren’t sure where to start.

This is where sites like The Winners Enclosure have really shown their expertise, with their own Antepost Tips section playing host to daily horse bets on the market and hints over how best to create your own antepost bets for those who want to learn more.

Although it’s tempting enough to back a horse through ante post betting, a lot of bookmakers now offer the best guaranteed odds on horse racing alongside it, which means you’ll be paid out at the strongest odds even if the price on your chosen horse goes higher after you’ve backed it.

This effectively means that you will have covered all angles and will be handed the strongest bookie odds whether the price was higher when the horse odds were provided or even at any point up until when it finally races.

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