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Top Point of Sale System Features Explained

If you’re tired of your current Point of Sale, or POS system, then it’s time to make the switch. A modern POS provides you with a range of features that you may not be used to with your old system.

Point of Sale (POS) Software Features to Know

(POS) Software Features


Take a look at each system and consider upgrading your merchant account with these exciting new systems. Here are just a few excellent features you can expect from the latest POS systems.

1] Accept Any Payment

While accepting both credit card and cash payments is a common feature, the amount of payment options is rising dramatically. If you can’t keep up with all the payment options your customers want to use, use a modern system that allows you to accept these payment processing options.

As these payment options continue to grow in popularity, more customers will begin to rely on contactless payment and mobile payment alternatives. Keep your business at the forefront of payment technologies and be sure that your POS isn’t a roadblock to making a sale.

2] Process Faster

Choose a leading software and hardware provider, like Booker Clover, and enjoy a one-stop shopping experience for all your POS needs.

Not only does the latest software allow you to safely process transactions faster, you can also create innovative online scheduling features, allow customers to pay online and use a wide variety of innovative features to get more out of your POS system.

Bundled with an intuitive operating system, built-in receipt printing and speedy payment options, like contactless payment, your new POS is designed to keep your lines moving and your customers pleased. Don’t let a long line deter a sale.

3] Create Engaging Rewards Programs

For a fun way to improve your customer service and create a loyal following for your business, offer rewards programs. A rewards program is a fun way to value your customers and create strong incentives to keep returning to your store.

Offering a rewards program through your POS software makes it easy to sign up, keep track of points and update your rewards as you get to know your customers. Tailor the experience to their personal needs to grow your business.

4] Train Your Employees Easily

Some POS systems are overly complicated, difficult to customize and even more difficult to train your employees on.

The top POS systems offer intuitive menus and easily customizable buttons to make your system work for your unique company model. Streamlining your POS training can save you valuable time and money as you experience turnover with your service staff.

5] Create Accurate Reports

Finally, a POS system is about far more than simply processing transactions. Upgrade to a system that gives you immediate, detailed reports on sales. You can also keep track of inventory and other essential information with a single system.

One of the latest POS systems on the market is the new Clover. Find out today how you can sign up for a commitment-free POS software and hardware bundle and enjoy competitive processing rates. If it’s time to take your Point of Sales to the next level, check out Clover systems today.

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