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Razer Naga Epic Gaming Mouse Review

Computer peripherals designed specifically for gaming have a long history. PC games have become a powerful industry, akin to Hollywood. And now we see an extraordinary variety of all kinds of accessories for gamers. Keyboards, mice, headsets, joysticks, gamepads, mini keyboards for shooters, chair mounts, to name a few.

Razer Naga Epic Chroma Wireless MMO Gaming Mouse

Razer Naga Epic Gaming Mouse

Today we are going to look at a gaming mouse that will please the gamer not only with its design but also with its advanced functionality. But one mouse is not enough for a good game. At least, you need a good monitor with high quality.

Let us get you familiar with the list of best pc for gaming under 500. Let’s get straight to the review.

First impressions

The design of the package is in line with the trend of modern gaming accessories. The wide, solid-looking wheel is rubberized in the center and has black stickers on the ends. When the mouse is on, the wheel and the numeric block are backlit. And the color of the backlight slowly changes in a rainbow pattern one after another (red, purple, and red again).

The cradle is massive, small, and discreet. It performs two functions. It charges the mouse battery and receives the radio signal to work with the mouse in wireless mode. The 2m long cable is rather rigid and has a Micro-USB socket.

But because of some design feature, this socket has a non-standard shape. If you insert the cable into the mouse, the socket looks like it is a part of the case and fills the notch in its front part.

Design and features

Of course, the main feature of the mouse is the digital block under the thumb, which has 12 buttons arranged in a 3 x 4 matrix. Depending on the position of the switch on the lower surface of the buttons of the numeric block, one can enter numbers (10, 11, and 12 are used for 0, – and = symbols correspondingly).

Or one can emulate the number block on the keyboard (10, 11 and 12 correspond to 0, + and – keys correspondingly). Besides, it is the keys that are emulated. That is, when Num Lock is on, you enter symbols, and when it is off, cursor control works. It should be noted that cursor control will be mirrored vertically, as buttons 7, 8, and 9 are at the bottom of the mouse.

And keys 7, 8, and 9 are at the top of the keyboard. It is also worth noting that the key 0 has the Insert function, which does not work in all input fields, and does not usually produce a direct visible effect.

Yet, it can enable the substitution mode, which is unusual for many users. Naturally, the actions of the numeric block buttons can be overridden with the supplied software.

There are two buttons under the wheel that allow using forward and backward function in the programs that support such actions (primarily in browsers and explorer).

There are three control elements on the bottom surface of the mouse. The mode switch of the mouse (wired or wireless), the switch of digital unit work modes and the button for mouse and cradle pairing. The same pairing button is also located on the docking station.

One more design feature is the possibility to change the right-side panel and choose one of three variants. The panel is held by four magnets and is also used to access the 4.07 watt-hour lithium-ion battery.

The latter has a key that prevents the latch from working if installed incorrectly in the socket. But it is quite easy to install it with the contacts outward, as the shape is symmetrical. The plastic of the latch is very thin, but the battery holds it.


This mouse is for specific use only. And those features that are responsible for the convenience in online battles can interfere with regular use. Firstly, the digital block does not allow you to rest your thumb on the mouse casing because you feel that you can accidentally press one of the buttons.

In fact, this is not true because the keys are quite tight. But still, it will be difficult for a user that has no experience in using MMO-mice. Secondly, the buttons ‘forward/backward’, which are usually located on the front of the case or on the wheel, from where they are extremely convenient to press, are located behind and below the wheel. That is a place where it would be difficult to reach them.

One can press the main buttons easily and confidently; this is a fact. Positioning accuracy is good; sensitivity is chosen well (1800 dpi by default, possible to adjust). The wheel is also good; though a bit hard to roll, it doesn’t skip turns and makes a confident click.

In fact, this mouse proves its best in multiplayer network games. Its unusual form-factor allows unleashing its potential there, for instance, when it comes to characters dependent on DoT spells.

This mouse is very good in those situations where the movement is tied to the keyboard. When the left hand controls the character’s movements, it is more convenient to press the additional keys on the mouse.


A mouse can unleash its full potential with the help of the included software. Which allows not only to set specific backlight color and brightness and reassign the actions of all the buttons, except for the left main button. But also to define profiles and macros, as well as gather statistics on the usage.

Key terms one should understand when using these programs: profile means a set of settings (button functions, sensitivity, backlighting, etc.). Macro means a sequence of actions performed automatically which can be assigned to a button. A profile can be activated automatically at the start of a program.

When it comes to usability, at first, it is better to spend some time setting up macros and profiles. Then, it is worth tying profiles to specific games, and after that, one can enjoy using the mouse. The mouse automatically applies the profile that corresponds to the game, and so on.

Yet, keep in mind that you have to spend some time setting up all macros and profiles before the automation works. It is worth mentioning that the sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted independently along vertical and horizontal axes – this tip may come in handy.

The highlight of Razer’s software is surely a collection of statistics, including cursor trajectory, click the map and other similar data, as well as their visual presentation.


On the one hand, the Razer Naga Epic is not as easy for everyday use as right-handed ergonomic mice. Yet, it offers tremendous opportunities for advanced control if you invest some time setting up the software and getting used to the buttons of the number pad.

This mouse is also great for a list with a girl player gifts. In a nutshell, we would recommend this mouse to users who are ready to pay and need this extra functionality as a second mouse specifically designed for MMO games. There it will show what it can do.

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