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7 Reasons You Should Consider Pursuing a Civil Engineering Degree

The role of civil engineers is often overlooked, but when we think about it, they are the ones responsible for building the basic infrastructure that is at the core of civilization. They build and maintain our roads, sewers, power grids, and wastewater systems.

Civil Engineering Degree


They design and help build every building from private homes to multi-story apartment buildings. Also They contribute to the design and construction of mass transit systems and often oversee the preservation of raw land.

But why would you want to become a civil engineer? Here are seven reasons why you should consider pursuing a civil engineering degree.

1] You Want to Contribute to Society

Become a civil engineer, and you could design the better roads and mass transit systems that solve the traffic your neighbors complain about. Design dams and drainage systems, and you could solve the local flooding problem and have a real impact on your community.

Maintain water, sewer and power networks and know that you are impacting the lives of everyone in the area. Bring infrastructure to an area where it has been lacking, and you will dramatically improve their lives.

Build factories and commercial buildings, and you could bring much needed jobs to an area and help revitalize it. Build new schools and other facilities, and you are directly contributing to society.

2] You Want Job Security

Infrastructure wears out. We choose to build bigger and better things or retrofit what already exists. And civil engineers are key to all of this. If you want to be able to work almost anywhere, become a civil engineer.

You will be able to choose from a wide variety of projects. You could work on the new airport they are building or maintain your local roads. Or you could design pipelines or maintain all of the working components in an apartment building.

A number of civil engineers work in manufacturing, especially manufacturing management. There is always work for civil engineers to do. You can work in almost any area from construction to transportation to environmental engineering. A side benefit of civil engineering is that you can always work on new projects, keeping things interesting.

Demand for civil engineers is expected to grow eight percent over the next ten years, while demand for engineering managers is expected to grow twelve percent. Civil engineering is one of the most stable positions you could ever find, whether at home or overseas.

3] You Can Make a Difference to the Environment

It is easy for someone to promote a degree saying it allows you to make a difference in the world. If you are a civil engineer, you really can make a difference in the environment. Courses like the Michigan Technological University civil engineering program will allow you to work in construction of green buildings or in environmental engineering.

Their program allows you to learn the latest construction methods and materials. You’ll learn about advanced design techniques and the fine details of the building code.

Reduce construction waste, implement better systems for waste collection and recycling, reuse materials in your construction projects, and you could really help the world move towards a more sustainable future. Alternatively, you could work in urban and regional planning, helping to move the city towards a more sustainable way of life.

Civil engineers can work in waste disposal, water and air pollution control, recycling and public health. Every project has more of an impact than a lifetime of micromanaging your own lifestyle. Every environmentally friendly building reduces energy use, water consumption and resource utilization while improving people’s quality of life.

4] You Can Advance Your Career

Civil engineers have a number of career paths open to them. Becoming the chief civil engineer in an architectural or construction firm could be one option. Becoming the head of civic works for a government agency is another.

Civil engineers learn how to manage complex projects with many subcontractors, preparing them to work as project managers in almost any role. Note that you often need to attain a master’s degree to become an engineering manager. These degrees teach advanced skills in communication, delegation, team management, and decision-making.

You Can Advance Your Career

5] You Will Be Well Paid

Another great thing about being a civil engineer is that they’re usually well paid. Civil engineers have an average pay of around eighty thousand dollars a year. For engineering managers, it is more than a hundred thousand dollars.

In the oil and gas industry and pipeline design industry, pay rates range from 110,000 to 130,000 dollars a year. Waste collection and specialized design services also pay this well.

6] You Like Planning Things

If you like planning things, civil engineering is ideal. You are able to plan complex projects that others will use and appreciate, whether it is roads or sports stadiums. Also You will be well paid for it as well.

You will be able to point to your accomplishments, and you will be recognized for it. A side benefit of civil engineering is that you are working with a large team, including members of the community and industry leaders, to make these things happen.

This team ranges from the plumbers and electricians installing critical infrastructure to the civic leaders who commissioned the project.

7] You Want to Protect Communities

We have touched on the public health aspects of civil engineering. Better flood control reduces the potential loss of life. Better wastewater management prevents sewage backups and spills that can spread dangerous diseases.

Civil engineers can also take safety and security into account when planning civil projects. You have the ability to design structures to keep people safe and minimize the risk of harm, whether this is ensuring the buildings do not collapse in an earthquake or burn down in a fire. Your choices during the design and construction process could save lives.

Civil engineering is a job that affects every aspect of our lives. Earn a civil engineering degree, and you could literally change the world and transform communities while making a real difference.

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