RVing for Beginners On A Budget: 5 Handy Tips

11.2 million people can’t be wrong. With that many RV owners and counting, the RV lifestyle has become a popular lifestyle choice. If you’re jumping on the RV bandwagon, you’re opening the door to limitless travel options – but you’ll need to learn the ropes of living in a travel trailer first.

Read on to discover five handy tips for RVing for beginners on a budget!

RVing for Beginners On A Budget

Find the Right RV for the Job

Yes, you can buy a shiny new RV for your next vacation. But when your goal is RVing on a budget, it pays to shop used. You can save thousands of dollars but still get an extended warranty to help offset maintenance costs.

When buying an RV, compare amenities. At Leisureland Used RV, you can find an excellent selection of travel trailers with RV features you’ll love. Choose from among RV trailers with fireplaces and washer-dryer hookups.

Explore Campsites and Boondocking

When you do finally hit the road, plan where you’ll park your RV overnight. You may be able to score free overnight boondocking stays on some public land. Just be prepared for a remote, no-frills experience where you’ll need to be self-sufficient.

In some cases, you can stay for up to two weeks at these sites. Other sites, like truck stops and certain big box stores, offer free overnight camping. When you’re en route to your next long-term destination, staying at these places can be a good way to save money.

Simplify Mealtime

If you’re looking for frugal RVing tips, start with meal planning. You can stay on a leaner budget if you commit to cooking your food. And because you probably won’t have space for a large fridge and freezer, you’ll need to be more selective about what food you buy.

Go with cheap and nourishing foods like lentils, chili, and stews. You’ll be able to use nutritious ingredients and serve everything from one pot. You’ll also be able to tailor spices to your preferences while using a limited cook space.

Consider Rewards Programs

To make RVing on a budget easier, look into rewards programs. With these, you’ll sign up to get discounts if you stay at select overnight sites.

With some programs, you can earn points, too. These can enable you to score discounts on maintenance costs or campground stays.

Look for Free Attractions

You can save money by choosing to visit attractions that don’t come with an admission ticket. Look for parks, beaches, and museums that are free. If you plan your itinerary ahead of time, it’s easy to map out good options.

Further, frugal RVing might mean traveling during the off-season. Campsites will be cheaper. Plus, you won’t be competing with throngs of people at popular sites.

Master RVing for Beginners

RVing for beginners on a budget means finding the right vehicle for the job first. Trim your meal budget and choose free attractions to save money. And look into rewards programs and boondocking.

Find more travel tips to make your next getaway a win. Check back soon for new articles!

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