How to Schedule Blog Posts on WordPress

Schedule Posts on WordPress: If you are one of those regular bloggers who want to engage your readers every day with the updates on your blog, but unfortunately not able to write daily. At this point of the moment, what you need to do? Do you know that WordPress has got one hidden cool feature of scheduling your posts for a future date and time? The feature of Scheduling a post in WordPress is quite useful for the beginners and here we are with a brief tutorial on how to schedule blog posts on WordPress. But before moving with the tutorial, do you know that what is the need to schedule your post in WordPress? 😀

WordPress Scheduled Blog Posts

Reason to use the feature “Schedule your Posts on WordPress”

It is because every blog gets their users at a certain peak time of a day. It is really helpful when you and your readers live in areas with different time zones. For instance, the peak time when you get your readers on your blog is say 3 a.m., then the feature of scheduling your posts comes in handy. The other situation includes the time of festivities or if you are going for a vacation for a few days. Scheduling your posts comes in handy when you don’t want to desolate your blog. This feature significantly helps you in keeping yourself ahead by finishing your articles in advance itself. Using this feature, you can easily prepare yourself for a next busy week and just schedule your posts to be published automatically on time.

How to Schedule Blog Posts on WordPress- Steps to be followed

Once you are done with writing the post, you can check the publish button on the right side in blue colour. You need not to click on publish, rather just look little above it, the option of Publish Immediately >> Edit >> Set Date & Time >> Schedule. 😉

Schedule Posts on WordPress

Schedule Posts on WordPress

This is the simplest method of scheduling your blog post on WordPress. Most of the users prefer to have consistent timing. Using this feature will help you in keeping your reader loyal to your blog. Also, your readers are always eager to go through the new posts, so they expect the same on time.

The other method to schedule your blog post on WordPress according to reader’s time zone is to navigate to the WordPress Dashboard >> Settings >> General >>Time Zone >> Save Changes.

You can even Edit the time and date of the scheduled post and even can re-publish your posts with the same.
Apart from these two easy methods, we also have few WordPress Plugins which can be used in for scheduling the posts.

Auto-Scheduled Posts

This is the widely used WordPress plugin which allow the users to divide their writing and publishing schedules. This plugin helps in catching the published posts and holds them until they meet the set criteria for a perfect publication time. It allows the users to set the publication limit between certain days and time between certain hours as well as the minimum time gap between multiple posts.

WP Scheduled Posts

This WordPress plugin for scheduling the blog posts on WordPress will help the users in enabling a widget through the admin bar or dashboard, which will display all the future scheduled posts. This feature is handy and useful while monitoring multi-niche author blog. Also, it is useful for single author’s user as well who use the WordPress inbuilt schedule feature.

Easy Scheduled Posts

This plugin helps in using the inbuilt schedule feature of WordPress on any random theme. It basically allows the WordPress developers in creating a list of all the upcoming events in the theme.

Schedule Posts Calendar

This plugin basically adds a calendar based on JavaScript, which helps in setting the date and time for the scheduled posts via graphs rather than text entries.

Editorial Calendar

This WordPress plugin helps in getting an overview of the blog, including the date and time of every post which is scheduled. Also, it helps in dragging the posts up and down as suitable and manage the entire blog easily.

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This is all about how to schedule posts on WordPress. We hope that this tutorial might have solved your queries for scheduling posts on WordPress. 😀

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  • Hi Harshil,

    This one is the cool feature of WordPress. But I am facing a problem with it. As you mentioned, just set date and time and press schedule button and you done. I am doing the same thing but for auto schedule post you have to be online means you have to keep your dashboard open. I had experienced that. If you won’t then WordPress will miss it and it will show the message schedule is missed. Please give a solution of that. I don’t want to use any extra plugin for that.