A Special Niche In Cable Assemblies

Carrio Cabling Corporation is an American company that custom designs cable assemblies. Carrio’s military cable assemblies fill an important niche in cable and wire manufacturing in America.

Carrio Cabling was founded in 1988 to provide American-made cables and wire for hundreds of different applications. The company is proud of the fact that they can design a cable to customer specifications when no other company has been able to do it.

Cable Assemblies

Their ability to solve problems makes them a valuable asset to their customers. They haven’t met a routing challenge that they couldn’t meet.

Carrio was one of the first manufacturers to focus on just-in-time manufacturing to help make their customers more profitable. This concept allows the military to save taxpayer dollars by ordering cables only when they need them, rather than stockpiling them.

Their military cable assemblies include ethernet cables and custom-designed overmolded assemblies. As newer technology allows communications to move more and more quickly, Carrio makes sure that their cables are able to transmit data as quickly as possible.

Not only does Carrio design custom cables, but they also engineer them and manufacture them. They use only American made components and American labor. Carrio never buys raw materials from overseas. In addition, all manufacturing is done here in Colorado.

Carrio’s Military Cable Assemblies

When the US military needs customized cables designed, they consistently go to Carrio.

Many times military cables are subject to more stringent requirements than any other cables. In the middle of a war zone, soldiers need to be able to depend on computer cables, connectors, and coaxial cables.

Carrio is keenly aware that longer cables and wires result in voltage drops. Military cables cannot afford to have things run slower simply because of the length of the wire.

Mission failure because of communications breakdown is simply not an option, so the military is very strict on their requirements.

Carrio also provides molded cable assemblies for the military, plus wiring harnesses, and custom-designed power cords.

The cables made for the military have to be dependable. In desert war zones the power cables and other cables have to be durable to stand up to sand storms, and any other weather they may encounter.

From the Ground Up

An important reason why Carrio’s military cable assemblies are in such demand is because of the way they are made.

A military service member contacts Carrio with a specific cabling need. Carrio team members start by sketching out what is needed and gets customer input into the design.

Next, the Carrio team of engineers makes a detailed technical design from the preliminary sketches. Sometimes Carrio even takes an existing military cable and reverse engineers it.

Carrio will use CAD called Solidworks in their sketching process to make their designs more precise.

In other cases, the needs of the military customer require the Carrio team to get creative with their designs. They are capable of solving whatever cabling or wiring issue is presented to them, even if they need to use their imagination to come up with a new answer.

Next, the Carrio team makes a prototype of the cable and wiring. This prototype is sent to the military to make sure that it is exactly what they need. The military customer tests the prototype under military conditions and then gets back to Carrio with any recommendations.

In the subsequent step, Carrio builds the tools that will enable the manufacturing of the cable. Once the tools are made, manufacturing can start.

The Carrio manufacturing process includes frequent checks on the product to make sure every cable meets the strict requirements needed for that particular cable and meets every single military specification.

Lastly, the cables are 100% tested. Quality is of utmost importance. When they are perfect, they are shipped.


Carrio’s military cable assemblies are tough. They have been proven in use in war zones, military aircraft, and in outer space exploration. All wires are MIL-SPEC, meaning they conform to all military regulations. Carrio can offer military cabling with very high signal integrity.

MIL-SPEC wire is the standard applied when companies manufacture specialized cable for the Department of Defense. MIL-SPEC wire is able to withstand the most extreme environments. It is manufactured to be able to withstand extreme temperatures when other computer wire will not stand up.

Carrio cables also meet all the requirements of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association which regulates the quality of all military cable assembling.

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