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5 Alternatives To SEO For Boosting Your Website Traffic

For most companies, search engines are the main source of web traffic. However, there are other ways in which people can stumble across your website too. Here are just a few alternatives to SEO that could help to encourage some extra visitors.

Alternatives To SEO For Boosting Traffic On Your Website

Boosting Traffic On Your Website


1] PPC advertising

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is a common way for businesses to build brand exposure and generate extra web traffic. You can set these adverts up to lead directly to your website – you then pay for them to display until a certain number of people have clicked on them.

Google Adwords is the most popular PPC platform and you can hire an AdWords agency to help launch a successful ad campaign. PPC advertising can also be done via Facebook advertising (who own Facebook and Instagram ads) and Microsoft advertising (who own Bing and Yahoo ads).

2] Social media sharing

Sharing links to your website’s content on social media can also encourage visitors. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are some of the biggest sites for sharing such content. Setting up pages on all of these platforms is free, although you can pay to promote posts.

You should also try to encourage other social media users to share your content (you could agree to cross-promote with another local business, sharing a link to their web content in exchange that they do the same for you).

3] Email marketing

Email marketing can also generate website visitors. Using emails sent to targeted people, you can encourage recipients to click on links leading to your site.

Setting up a mailing list can help you to build up a loyal following of people interested in your content – you can encourage people to sign up to this mailing list with a pop-up on your site.

4] Business directories

There are also business directories out there such as Yelp, which can also provide traffic to your website. You can create ads on these sites for free and use them to provide a link to your website.

Review sites such as TrustPilot can also be a valuable source of traffic – many consumers now use these sites to research a company’s reputation, from which they may then want to visit your site.

5] Printed media

You can also attract web traffic by printing your website address onto various forms of physical media such as business cards, flyers, signage and even your company vehicle.

QR codes are a particularly novel way of attracting visitors – these are printed codes that when scanned with a smartphone camera take the user to your website. You can generate QR codes online for free.

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