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Website Building Tips for Web Designers

Every web designer in Singapore tries to develop great websites however while building the website,sometimes he tends to make some mistakes which could affect the website adversely. In this blog, we will share few tips following which a web designer in Singapore can make sure that he is going to build a website which would be loved by both users and search engines.

Website Design Tips and Tricks

Website Building Tips Web Designers

Website Building Tips

How to Build a Website(Website Building Tips)

Website Speed:

The Website loading speed is one of the important & crucial factors of any great website.There is no point if a website has been built visually appealing and attractive but its not able to retain the users because of the slow loading speed of webpages. In the age of digital technology, the users expect every website to download in few seconds because they don’t want to spend time in waiting for a webpage download and therefore its very important for every web designer to make sure that the website loading speed has to be as fast as possible.

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Browser Compatibility:

With so many options of browsers available today, the users have huge choice to choose any of the browsers and therefore a website must be built considering the different resolutions of various browsers.If a website is not browser compatible, it is likely that the website may look & behve differently on various browsers and therefore it is recommended for web designers to run through a test of browser compatibility.There are lots of tools available for checking a website for browser compatibility like Browser Stack.

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SEO Friendliness:

Gone are the days when the websites used to have huge flash graphics and flash intros.With the advancement of search engines algorithms,evey website needs to have SEO elements in order to gain noticeable positions on search engines. A web designer can make sure that all the webpages must have proper meta tags, heading tags, image tags etc. In place because search engines love those websites which have all the important SEO elements implemented properly. This is the reason that SEO companies would always train their web designers for developing SEO-friendly websites.

SEO Friendly Website

SEO Friendly Website

Mobile Compatibility:

Like browser compatibility,mobile compatibility has also become very important for all the websites.Studies show that during past few years, the mobile users have taken over more than 40% share of total web viewers which means if a website is not build with mobile compatible features, its likely to loose 40% of the total visitors which is really a huge amount of users.

Clear Fonts:

Usually a web designer would not follow the fonts consistency on the websites but it is highly recommended to use nice fonts & follow them consistently on all the webpages. An ideal web designer would always make sure to use proper spacing, line height, color etc. of fonts so that its easily readable by all the users.Clear an precise fonts would always help website to retain the users for longer time.

Call to actions:

Call To Action

Call To Action

Call to actions are the instructions for web audience to initiate a communication with the company either in the form of email or phone used on the company’s website.These call to actions could be in the form of a button, link or text.Therefore, a web designer must understand the importance of call to action elements so that he can present them in front of visitors nicely.

It is always recommended to hire experienced web designers because they would know the importance of above-mentioned Website Building Tips criteria while building any website.

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