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Tim Pei: Bio, Profile, Education, Career, Girlfriend, Family and Awards

Tim Pei is a Chinese actor and model best known for Miss Truth (2020), Beauty Hao Lan (2019), and Quan Shi Jie Dou Bu Ru Ni (2021). He made his acting debut with the 2015 film “From Now to the Past.”. In this article, we will learn more about Tim’s Education, Career, Girlfriend, Family, and Awards.

Tim Pei Biography

Bio, Education, and Family

Pei Zi Tian, popularly known as Tim Pei, was born in Hefei, Anhui, China on June 17, 1990. Tim is Pei Zi Tian’s English name. In 2008, Tim Pei received his diploma from the Beijing Film Academy. He is a very talented and influential actor who is globally famous. His Zodiac sign is Gemini. His zodiac sign is Assertive. His Zodiac Energy is Air. His opposite zodiac sign is Sagittarius. His Zodiac Sign Gemstone is Agate. His birth flower is Heath. His Chinese Zodiac sign is Rosster.

The Gemini personality is immensely entertaining, yet Geminis, like all signs, have flaws. Their strengths include adaptability, outgoingness, and intelligence. There is never a dull time with a Gemini. However, their flaws include being indecisive, impetuous, untrustworthy, and nosy, so be wary of sharing a Gemini your deepest darkest secrets. Geminis are extremely intelligent and pick up information rapidly. They are insightful, analytical, and frequently quite hilarious. They exhibit unreserved, childish curiosity and are always asking new questions. Geminis have an extraordinary ability to assess a person’s personality in a matter of seconds, even if they have only just met them. If someone is bluffing, they will be the first to know. They are effective communicators because they are attentive and sensitive listeners. Geminis are adaptable, and comfortable as both introverts and extroverts. They are quick to adjust to the energy of a room; they can be the life of the party or the complete wallflower. Geminis understands how to bring disparate people together and make them get along.

Huace Media is the agent for Pei Zitian. enjoys reading books, watching movies, playing tennis, playing mobile games, and traveling. He’d like to visit someplace in Northern Europe. He enjoys keeping his house tidy. Three times a week, Tim Pei works out. Zhang Songwen and Chen Daoming are two of his favorite actors. enjoys doing internet shopping. Luna is the name of his cat. Pei Zitian is an excellent chef, particularly when it comes to soups. If Tim Pei weren’t an actor, he would like to open a restaurant because his father owns one.

There are no details available regarding Tim Pei’s family members or any dating rumors about his life. I guess we have to wait until he announces if he is in any kind of relationship with anyone. Tim Pei is a handsome, popular, and brilliant Chinese actor, which is why he has plenty of girl’s fan followers on his social media accounts in China and outside of China, so maybe he is currently dating someone in secret.


Pei Zitian is a well-known Chinese-language actress and mannequin who primarily appears in television shows and dramas. He is one of the most popular performers, having made headlines for his roles in Miss Reality (2020), The Legend of Hao Lan (2019), and The Legend of Anne. Pei began his career as a model and has been in various advertisements. Pei Zitian is a very skilled and dedicated actor who rose to prominence in the entertainment industry with the 2014 television series Sunshine in Me, in which he played Wang Xin. He has also acted in the television series “The Taoism Grandmaster” (2018), “Candy Fight” (2018), The Legend of Hao Lan (2019), The Legend of White Snake (2019), Private Shu Shan School (2019), and Miss Reality. Pei also appeared in the 2018 film Tie Shen Nv Bao Biao.

Miss Truth is an original Chinese television series based on the novel of the same name, starring Zhou Jieqiong and Li Chengbin. Miss Truth tells the narrative of forensic examiner Ran Yan, who discovers the truth behind her mother’s suicide and solves murder cases one at a time. Ran Yan, an eighteen-year-old poor noblewoman, grew up learning about autopsies and finding clues in corpses. She meets a court officer and an assassin by happenstance and discovers real love while seeking for the truth.

The Legend of Hao Lan is about The mother of China’s First Emperor, Qin Shi Huang, who is the subject of this true narrative. Who knows how close this account is to the actual events that occurred over 2,000 years ago? However, many of the primary characters in the novel were real persons at the time. Because this is a true story, the “real romance” scenes are restricted. This drama highlighted Hao Lan’s difficult journey to endure the many palace politics, plotting, and backstabbing that occurred in both the Zhao palace (where she was from) and the Qin dynasty (where she was married). She assisted her son in becoming the King of Qin, who eventually became the First Emperor of China, uniting the numerous kingdoms. The cinematography in this play is majestic, the acting is great, and the plot is thrilling. The filmmaker and his staff worked hard to create this drama. Everything was taken care of. Everything was done almost to perfection.

The TV series “The World Is Not Like You” is produced by Youku, in collaboration with Beijing Yiqi Entertainment Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. and Palmyue Pictures, and directed by Chen Shiyi, Pei Zitian, Li Nuo, Cheng Yeqing, Yin Ye Zi, Geng Jiawei, Li Junfeng, and others. It primarily portrays the love tale of the genuine bridegroom, who hides his identity, and the fictitious bride, who replaces his sister. One was a fictitious bride who married her sister, while the other was a bridegroom who covered his identity. In this emotional game of cat and mouse, no one could escape. He was previously married in a fictitious marriage, but he fell in love with her unconsciously in his daily life; she has other loves and has never seen the true heart of the uncle who surrounds him. Jealousy and love fly together, scheming to conspire more. Finally, commit to being together for the rest of your lives.

Sweet Combat is about the love affair of Ming Tian (Lu Han) and Fang Yu (Guan Xiao Tong). Ming Tian originally resides in Macau with his two younger siblings, Ming Zhu and Ming Lang. They are on their own; their father died and their mother abandoned them when Zhu and Lang were babies. Since then, Ming Tian has been caring for kids on his own, taking a hiatus from school to work various jobs to support their family. Ming T engaged in fighting or violence, despite having trained in boxing with his father. After being accepted into Zhengze University, he returns to China with his siblings and relocates to the big metropolis. Even though this is a sports university that primarily focuses on various types of martial arts, Ming Tian requires the scholarship that an education at this institution gives. Fang Yu is the total opposite of Ming Tian. She comes from an affluent family and has been nurtured under the tight supervision of her grandfather since her parents died in a car accident. Her parents kept her as a boy until she was six years old, keeping her away from anything ‘pink and frilly’.


  • Private ShuShan College
  • Princess Nobility
  • The Legend of Anle (2023)
  • She Is the One (2021)
  • My Love, Enlighten Me (2020)
  • Miss Truth (2020)
  • Sanatorium for Love (2019)
  • The Legend of White Snake (2019)
  • The Legend of Hao Lan (2019)
  • Sweet Combat (2018)
  • The Taoism Grandmaster (2018)
  • Sunshine in Me (2014)


  • The Legend of Kunlun (2022)
  • From Now to the Past (2015)

TV Show

  • Beep Plan (2018)
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