5 Tips for Starting Your Own Successful Band

Music is something that brings everyone together. New bands form regularly. There is a lot of competition in the world of music. Not every band makes it big, but those who work hard towards a common goal may emerge victorious. If you want to start your own successful band, here are a few tips to help you get started.

How to Start a Band


Compile Ideas in a Creative Space

Many minds are more powerful than a single mind. When brainstorming new ideas, it’s best to include many people in the discussion. Look for local meeting spaces where you can sit with others to come up with marketing and performing ideas.

Discuss how to advertise the band. Make a list of places to perform gigs. Co-working is a highly effective way to get work done while being able to bounce around thoughts and ideas with other creative people.

Locate Like-Minded Musicians

Before you can book a big, you need to find band members. Put out a call for musicians who enjoy the same genre of music as you do. This is very important.

Most mainstream bands feature a singer, guitarist, bassist, and drummer, at a minimum. Finding band members shouldn’t be too difficult. In approximately 54 percent of U.S. households, at least one person plays a musical instrument.

Some places to begin your search include local colleges, online classified listings, and through word of mouth. Interview and audition any interested musicians to make sure they’re a good fit.

Write Original Music

Cover bands are everywhere. Some even have a large following. However, most cover bands never make it past the local music scene. Why is this? Listeners want something more.

They’re looking for new music that speaks to them. They want to hear innovative sounds and powerful lyrics. The most successful bands write and perform their own music. This is also the easiest way to protect your band from copyright violations or potential lawsuits.

How to Get Your Band Successful


Collaborate With Others

Musicians should support each other. Most concerts, whether at a local club or a sold-out stadium, feature a line-up of bands. Creating a musical bond with other local bands is a great way to get known. Consider splitting costs with other groups for gear, rehearsal space, or travel expenses. For example, quality floor monitors are a must have for live shows, and if you share this expense with other bands on your line-up you can cut down on cost and save everyone the pain of having to bring separate speakers to the show.

Booking gigs with other bands will introduce your music to a new audience. The more people who listen to your music, the more money you’ll be able to make.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Bands must perfect their unique sound. This doesn’t happen overnight. Most bands that make it big have performed together for years. They practice regularly.

This doesn’t mean only getting together before a gig. In order to be successful, your band must spend hours upon hours practicing together. Find a place where your band can meet and play. A few ideas include.

  • A home garage – They’re called garage bands for a reason.
  • Industrial building – Look for a large warehouse that has unused rooms for rent.
  • Recording studios – These facilities often rent sound-proof rooms to musicians of all genres. Plus, recording studios are a great place to meet other local bands.

Practice diligently and frequently. Try to schedule a weekly date and time for the band to get together. Bands that make practicing a priority are usually more successful than those that don’t.

Forming a band is a rewarding and exciting experience. Follow these tips, and your band will on the right road to success.

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