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9 Tips Regarding Buying a Proxy For Your Business

Proxies connect users to websites that they want to go to. They take on users’ requests for websites and then collect everything that is necessary from that site. Proxy servers then deliver the information that users need, and, as a result, users receive the page that they wanted in their browser as it came from the original server.

Buying a Proxy For Your Business


Proxies do not just forward web requests. They are also able to do very important tasks in order to help users and ensure their safety. The use of proxies in businesses is growing. There are many reasons why choosing to buy a proxy, like those sold by SSLPrivateProxy,  would be a great idea for your business.

Improving your security

Proxies connect to the internet and forward users’ requests outside networks. That way, proxies can provide another layer of security between the traffic on the web and business servers, such as CloudFlare. So, obtaining proxies can protect you from hackers who can invade servers and steal your data.

Reverse proxy

Another way proxies can help with securing your data from external threats is encrypting. Also, you can combine proxies with firewalls. In addition, proxies also provide assistance with protecting the internal network structure. They ensure the anonymity of local network users and machines.

Proxies also secure IP addresses which can help prevent cyber attacks. If you use online services to store and secure your data, it is very important to protect your sensitive information.

Hackers can use IP addresses for downloading content that is illegal. Also, they can even derange online services of businesses, prevent users from accessing certain resources, or even shut down the internet connection. So, it is crucial for businesses to buy a proxy in order to secure their IP addresses.

Ensuring better speed

Another reason to buy a proxy for your business is the speed that proxies can provide. Proxies are able to cache files and pages. According to MaxCDN, caching files and pages means that proxies can store data so that, when users want to access the same page again, they will be able to gain the necessary information much faster.

Proxies compress traffic in order to reduce the consumption of bandwidth on networks, which speeds up the website loading and ensures that the work gets done much faster.

Helping you with the control of data flow

Proxies give companies the ability to control all the data that flows from their clients, but also from their employees. Network administrators have control over which websites can be visited and which devices can access the network.

Having this control means that you can use proxies to limit your employees’ usage of the internet by blocking unwanted content and websites. You can reduce your employees’ time on websites that are not relevant for your business, like social networks or websites with inappropriate content. That way you can make sure that your employees are not distracted by unimportant online activities.

Preventing access to unsecured websites will reduce the risk of a potential cyber attack. You can use proxies to oversee the possible breaches and illegal activity since proxies give you control of the data flow.

Bypassing geo-restrictions

Geo-blocking is a mechanism that limits users’ access to some content on the Internet, and it is based on their geographical location. The purpose of geo-blocking is to restrict access to some multimedia content because of copyright and licensing.

However, it can also be used to block inappropriate or illegal content, for business competitions, price discrimination, and prevention of frauds. So, content filters can control what customers see on the web based on their location.

Proxies can provide assistance with bypassing geo-restrictions. They can mask the location of the IP address, and surpass filters. So, bypassing geo-restrictions will help you with reaching more potential customers from different locations.

Preserving your anonymity

Proxies preserve your anonymity, and they make your online activities harder to track. So, proxies will not only protect businesses from malicious attacks, but also from potential spying. It is much safer for sensitive data to flow when every task you perform goes through a proxy. This way, you will be able to protect your data and business development.

So, now that we have covered the main reasons why you need to buy a proxy for your business, we will give you 9 tips to help you with making the best decision with your purchase. It is important to research all of the options proxy providers offer in order to make the right choice and get the best value for your money.

1] Check Forum Talk

Forums can be really helpful with providing you with the necessary information. When you want to buy a proxy, you need to make sure that you choose the right proxy services, so experiences and opinions of others can really spare you some unnecessary trouble.

BlackHatWorld is a great internet forum for people looking for information about search engine optimization, copywriting, web and graphic design, apps, and much more. You will be able to find a lot of useful information on proxies and proxy providers there.

Another forum that we recommend is Reddit. Posts on this forum cover a wide range of topics. You can find answers to almost any question that you have, and this forum will help you with narrowing down your options.

2] Quora asking

Quora asking

Quora is a question and answer network. Here, you can ask a question about proxy providers, proxies in general, or any concern that you may have regarding your purchase. You will get answers from various users about their experience, and you can also get help from experts that are using Quora.

To ask a question, you need to go to a suitable topic, and then just add your question. There is also an option to ask specific members for an answer. If you choose that, you will get a list of top answerers in that field and get responses from reliable members of Quora.

3] Review websites

Review websites

Visiting review websites like TrustPilot is an important step. By doing this, you can check customers’ satisfaction with providers’ services and ensure their credibility. It is best to visit more than one website in order to get as many opinions and experiences as you can.

4] Create a shortlist

Forums, Quora asking, and visiting review websites will help you narrow down your options. You can then create a shortlist of proxy providers that offer the best services.

5] Contact the provider

You need to check the information that you have gathered from review sites and forums by contacting the provider that you want to buy a proxy from. This way, you can get all the information that you need from the best source.

You can check their prices, customer support, and ask them anything about the services that they offer. You will get clear explanations and answers to all of your concerns.

6] Testing various proxy packages

Many proxy providers offer free trial versions to customers. Free trials are very important since most companies do not offer refunds. You need to make sure that proxies work the way you want them to.

Also, even with the right proxy provider, you can choose the wrong proxy package. So, it is necessary for you to test various packages before you spend your money on them.

7] Speedtest your proxies

Speedtest your proxies

You have to be certain that proxies are fast enough for you. Providers will mark their proxies as fast, even if that is not the case in reality. You can test your proxies’ speed online, or you can download software for that purpose.

8] Buy from several providers

If you are planning to use proxies to get a lot of work done, you will need to buy a certain amount of proxies. If you create many accounts using just one proxy, it is possible that you will be banned, and your proxies will become useless.

So, you need to buy enough proxies. You can buy them in a bundle from one provider. However, we advise you to purchase proxies from several providers. Purchasing from more providers is a great way to ensure that you get the best service.

9] Buy a small package to test their proxies

Proxy providers offer proxy packages of different sizes. It is best to start with a small package, so you can test their proxies. That way, if you are not satisfied with the service, you will not lose too much money.

It can be very useful to buy a proxy for your business. Proxies can increase your security, speed, control, preserve your anonymity and help you bypass geographical restrictions. Following our tips when buying proxies can help you make sure that you do your research correctly and make the best choice for your business.

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