Editor’s Pick: Here Are Top 3 Nonogram Games For 2020

Nonogram, AKA picture cross, is a logic puzzle designed on a grid with numerical clues listed on the top and left ends. The rules of nonogram are simple – you just need to paint specific cells on the grid according to the clues and unleash a hidden pixel image. The numbers indicate the cells you have to paint or cross-off.

Nonograms – Best Online Puzzle Games

Nonogram - Picture cross puzzle game

As a general rule of thumb, larger the grid, complex the puzzle, and smaller it is, quicker you’ll get through. People across the globe love playing picture cross puzzles as these are fun, relaxing, challenging, and rewarding.

So if you want to try something different plus if you like logic deduction games, here are our top three picks for 2020. By Easybrain

With an endless supply of enticing puzzles, this Nonogram app is perfect for keeping you engrossed and entertained every single day. You can easily choose the level of difficulty and earn your rewards or extra lives without playing any long and unavoidable ads.

The interface is clean, gameplay is smooth, and it’s a no-nonsense puzzle to experience what nonograms are in the core. It’s super fun, and you’ll be addicted once you get the hang of the rules.

There are daily puzzles and also seasonal fests to never get you bored. With over ten million downloads, this picture cross app by Easybrain is much loved amongst both beginners and pro players. Give it a shot, and you’ll not be disappointed.

Nonograms Katana By ucdevs

This is another free nonogram app, great for both beginners and experts. It comes with all the features you’d want in a standard nonogram game. Within no time, you get from super-easy levels to devilishly difficult ones. The gameplay is smooth, and the interface is customizable.

With over five million downloads, you can understand how favored it is. In fact, you can also solve colored puzzles and not just black and white ones on this app. Plus, you can even win weapons that help solve your puzzle much faster. Nonograms Katana is the smoothest app you’ll ever try!

Picross Luna By Floralmong Company

Another excellent picture cross puzzle is Picross Luna. This nonogram app has pretty visuals and stunning gameplay. You get a variety of puzzles ranging from basic to a harder pack. The controls allow you to move at your own pace rather than stressing out at every level with time restrictions or penalties.

You can also try the Picross Luna II app for more fun and stories. The best part about this game is how it tells stories related to your puzzle after you solve it successfully – which is incredible and different.

So there you have it – the best three nonogram games for the year 2020.

Wait no more.

Bring some order in life with these terrific nonogram games.

Also, let us know the ones you liked.


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