Top Things to Look Before Buying a VPN

From individuals to large corporates, several potential customers are looking to buy and utilize the right Virtual Private Network (VPN) for their needs.

Points Guide to Buy a New VPN Service

Guide to Buy a New VPN Service

Besides the blatant benefit of ensuring security over the internet for all communications, Virtual Private Networks offers these below advantages:

  • Taking control of machines over an intranet remotely by using a VPN.
  • Assures the anonymity and secures the identity of the machine when browsing online with a VPN. This is better compared to using proxies that only hide IP.
  • File sharing can be facilitated better and for longer duration.
  • Increased security with the encryption methodology for the data that is transacted over a VPN.
  • VPNs come handy with the sites that are otherwise blocked.

With the compelling list of features, many are still perplexed in the process of choosing the right VPN. The following are the top things that you need to consider when picking the VPN for your need.

1) Does your VPN provider have as many servers to handle the load of his buyers?

All VPN providers need to facilitate the communication channel, termed as the VPN tunnel, between their server and the end user. The ideal scenario calls for as many servers as possible based on the end-users’ load so that the connectivity and the performance/ speed of the VPN is commendable.

2) Do these servers of the VPN provider reside at various global locations?

It will be appreciable to have the servers that are locally located either in your city/ state or country which will significantly boost the response from the servers when you are connected over the VPN. Alternatively, for accessing several of the sites that are blocked/ geographically restricted in your country, VPN servers at a different geographical location comes handy.

3) Does your VPN provider limit the number of concurrently connected devices to the VPN?

Every VPN provider has a subscribing model for utilizing their services that take into account the volume of date and the number of users who can connect. Beyond this, they set a limit on a number of concurrent devices that can be connected within a single subscription. Look for the provisioning that meets your need with the limit on the devices (PCs, tablets, mobile phones).

4) Does your VPN provider have free data caps as part of their subscribing model?

Beyond your internet provider who would offer unlimited data every month for a fixed rental plan, the VPN provider’s model on free data will be an important parameter to check. Some VPN providers provide a good amount of data cap to be used for a month for FREE. In other cases of large usage, pick the right VPN provider whose data caps are varied to pick from so as to suit your need.

5) Does cross-platform client software exist for your VPN?

We did talk about the support for multiple concurrent connections! In that case of usage, if you are planning to connect to the VPN through your Android phone or from your iMac, then you need to double check if your provider is providing the relevant client software for the same. VPN providers have support for Linux and for offer browser specific extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

VPN service provider

6) Does your VPN provider log every transaction happening over the VPN tunnel?

Though providers assure anonymity of data and user while communicating using a VPN tunnel, in most cases, the providers maintain logging of user data for a limited time. It will be important to know the period of data retention in these cases and also additionally check the privacy policy of the provider to ensure the handling of sensitive information

7) Does your VPN service cost you beyond your budget?

This is considered the most important factor among the many reasons in determining the right VPN provider. Check out the free plans, subscription models and also sift through their long-term commitment plans if you intend to use a VPN for a lengthy period of time

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