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The Trendy Co-Living Spaces Attracting Millennials In San Francisco

The number of people looking to live with roommates has been growing increasingly. Renters want to share their living expenses with someone because of the skyrocketing prices of rent and lack of adequate housing in the market.

Trendy Co-Living Spaces Attracting Millennials

Co living spaces are sprouting up all over San Francisco in response to the demand of youngsters for affordable housing.

They are an arrangement of housing in which people share their living space with like-minded people of similar values and intentions. Having originated from ‘hacker houses’ in the 2000s, these spaces are modern forms of boarding houses.

Here are a few of the co living spaces that are attracting Millennials in San Francisco.

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1] VYBE Living

VYBE Living has a mission to bring together people of diverse cultures together who want to help each other grow professionally and personally. With community support being a central tenet in their vision, they want people forming lifelong connections with each other.

Housemates are matched with each other based on personal preferences and interests. Residents are provided with housekeeping services, groceries, wifi and monthly community events. They now are spread over 30 locations throughout San Francisco.

2] Zeus co living

Zeus co living wants to replace the impersonal feeling rentals have for people who are always on the go. Instead, the company wants people to feel at home and experience relief and enjoyment while they’re in the city, whether for a month or six months.

Their co living spaces boasts of handpicked furnishings and home essentials, high speed wifi and in unit laundry. With an on ground operation team, residents can have access to round the clock support for property maintenance or special requests if they need something.

3] Bungalow Co living

Instead of building dorm like rooms, Bungalow utilizes the existing housing inventory and rents private rooms in large houses.

The company focuses on providing a good ‘roommate experience’ and allows residents to pre screen their roommates by allowing them to go on a happy hour, While Bungalow doesn’t own any homes, it does have contracts with landlords. It also provides tenants with utilities like maintenance, lawn care, fully equipped tv and fast wifi.

4] Blueground Coliving

Blueground finds the best properties for their residents and transforms them into well furnished ‘turnkey apartments’ with the help of their design team.

They also have a dedicated ground support and mobile app so residents can arrange housekeeping, maintenance and other services for their apartment. The app also allows you to relocate to a new neighborhood or city.

5] Starcity

Starcity claims to give its members not just a delightful experience but  also a sustainable one. They adopt innovative interior designing that expands living space and use smart technology that lessens wastage. The startup transforms garages, old hotels and office buildings into co living spaces.

They provide organized outings, yoga  classes, game nights and hiking. A fully furnished suite, room cleaning services and fast wifi are also some of the amenities that are included with the apartment.

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