How To Take E-pledge Against Drugs – Say Yes to Life, No to Drugs Pledge Fight Against Drugs – Narcotics Control Bureau Pledge [Certificate] – NCB Website: The Government Of India will be delivering the web-based gateway which is known as the Unified Online Pledge Platform.

With the assistance of this portal, the Citizen of India Can Take Pledge for different like the Say Yes to Life, No to Drugs Pledge, Pledge for Clean Beaches, and so on will be accessible. In the blown article, the candidates can get the bit by bit process for Pledge mygov in Fight Against Drugs.

E-pledge Against Drugs | Fight Against Drugs

E-pledge Against Drugs


Are you need to make a vow for Say Yes to Life, No to Drugs Pledge on the off chance that indeed, read the given underneath article cautiously.

The Government of India will sort out another site which is notable as the Unified Online Pledge Platform. The fundamental point of Releasing this Portal is to mindful individuals of numerous things and furthermore, through this vow, the public authority will figure out on numerous significant problems.


  • Name Of Portal: Unified Online Pledge Platform.
  • Portal Provided by: The Government Of India.
  • Category: Pledge Taken, Certificate Download.
  • Name Of Post: Fight Against Drugs – Narcotics Control Bureau Pledge [Certificate] – NCB Website.
  • Method Of Taken Pledge: Online Mode.
  • Complete Taken Pledge Till Now: 102.37 + Lakh.
  • Vow Such as: Say Yes to Life, No to Drugs Pledge, Pledge for Clean Beaches, and so forth.
  • Primary Aim Of this Portal: Make individuals aware of numerous things and furthermore through this promise, the public authority will be deal with numerous significant problems.
  • Method Of Downloading Certificate: Online Medium.
  • Official Website:


  • Above all else, the resident should go to the official site of the Unified Online Pledge Platform through @

Unified Online Pledge Platform of MyGov

  • Presently on the home page of the authority site click on the Say Yes to Life, No to Drugs Take Pledge.
  • Subsequent to tapping on it in the new window, you need to Click On make Pledge.
  • In the wake of tapping on the Take Pledge, another window will be paper on that window you need to top off.

Fight Against Drug Abuse Pledge

  • The structure with all the right data.
  • In the wake of filling in every one of the details on the new window, you will get an OTP on the enrolled mobile number you need to understand vow and fill OTP.

Say Yes to Life, No to Drugs Pledge

  • In the wake of filling the OTP, your Fight Against Drugs Pledge Certificate will show up on your showcase.

Download the Certificate of E-Pledge against Drugs


  • Absolute Pledge Taken: 102.37 + Lakh.
  • Vow Taken By Females: 36.17 + Lakh.
  • Vow Taken By Males: 65.74 + Lakh.

Motivations behind Why You Should Quit Drugs

Drugs are terrible and we know that. However, exactly how gravely can drugs annihilate your life? Assuming you’re actually thinking about whether you ought to stop drugs, we trust that subsequent to perusing this article, you will be persuaded that you ought to transcend the impact and lead a drug-free way of life. The following are 4 individual motivations behind why you ought to stop drugs:

You let completely go over your activities

Whenever your disposition and general working rely upon a solitary substance you need to require consistently, you lose something other than the cost of the medication. Whenever you are dependent on a psychoactive substance, your mind goes through a huge change due to which you never again feel compensated by different things, like connections, accomplishments, or even side interests. This implies that your mind, and subsequently activity, is just determined by a certain something: drugs. You become the captive of the medication.

So, assuming you believed that being ingesting medications, reconsider was your decision.

You lose the capacity to cherish and be adored

People are social animals, however, the actual changes in the mind brought about by medication or substance misuse remove your capacity to fabricate connections. Ponder the last time you got an embrace from your mom, that last time you giggled over an interesting video with a companion, or the inclination you had when you initially held his/her hand. Drugs remove these things from you.

You need to live in consistent dread

While you’re taking drugs, there’s no getting away from the dread that the following thump on the door may be of a cop. You will generally be worried about the possibility that somebody in your family or gathering of companions could look into your dull mystery. It is a tiring and distressing state to be in day in and day out. At last, it nearly appears like everybody may be a danger to you, and you go further into disengagement.

You can look for treatment anonymously

In the event that you can manage the cost of it, there are secretly run private dependence treatment administrations. For those of you who like to stay quiet about your illicit drug use, these administrations are something that would merit looking at to begin your excursion towards a drug-free way of life.

A drug-free way of life is generally reachable.

This multitude of reasons is on top of the unfortunate results your medication propensity brings to your well-being, and loved ones. Assuming that you want more persuading about why you ought to stop drugs, make a beeline to read a few stories from our clients who have figured out how to transcend the impact.

Defeating Drug Addiction

Fostering a dependence on drugs isn’t a person’s imperfection or an indication of shortcoming, and it takes more than determination to defeat the issue. Manhandling unlawful or certain professionally prescribed medications can make changes in the mind, making strong desires and an impulse utilize that causes the balance to appear to be an inconceivable objective.

However, recuperation is never too far, regardless of how miserable your circumstance appears or how often you’ve fallen flat previously. With the right treatment and backing, change is conceivable 100% of the time.

Assuming that you’re dependent on a physician-recommended drug, you might be worried about how you will track down a substitute method for treating an ailment. It’s OK to feel torn. Focusing on moderation includes changing numerous things, including.

  • The manner in which you manage pressure.
  • Who you permit in your life.
  • What you do in your leisure time.
  • Your opinion on yourself.
  • The solution and over-the-counter meds you take.

It’s likewise commonplace to fondle clashed about giving your drug of choice, in any event, when you know it’s creating issues in your day-to-day existence. Recuperation calls for investment, inspiration, and backing, however by promising to change, you can beat your fixation and recapture control of your life.

Plan a change.

  • Monitor your medication use, including when and the amount you use. This will provide you with a superior feeling of the job the compulsion is playing in your life.
  • List the advantages and disadvantages of stopping, as well as the expenses and advantages of proceeding with your medication use.
  • Consider the things that are vital to you, like your accomplice, your children, your pets, your vocation, or your wellbeing. How does your drug use influence those things?
  • Get some information about their sentiments on your medication use.

Explore your choices of addiction treatment

Whenever you’ve focused on recuperation, now is the right time to investigate your treatment decisions. While enslavement treatment can change as per the particular medication, a fruitful program frequently incorporates various components, for example.

Detoxification. Typically, the initial step is to cleanse your group of medications and oversee withdrawal side effects.

Behavioral counseling. Individual, bunch, and additionally family treatment can assist you with recognizing the underlying drivers of your medication use, fixing your connections, and mastering better adapting abilities.

Medication might be utilized to oversee withdrawal side effects, forestall backslide, or treat any co-happening emotional wellness condition like discouragement or tension.

Long-term follow-up can assist with forestalling relapse and keeping up with collectedness. This might remember going to standard for individual care groups or online gatherings to assist with keeping your recovery on target.

Sorts of medication treatment programs

Private therapy – Residential therapy includes living at a facility and moving away from work, school, family, companions, and dependence triggers while going through extensive treatment. Private treatment can endure from a couple of days to a while.

Day therapy/Partial hospitalization – Partial hospitalization is for individuals who require progressing clinical observation yet wish to in any case inhabit home and have a steady residing climate. These treatment programs typically meet at a treatment place for 7 to 8 hours during the day, then you get back around evening time.

Outpatient therapy – Not a live-in therapy program, these short-term projects can be booked around work or school. You’re treated during the day or evening yet don’t remain for the time being. The significant center is the prevention of relapse.

Sober living communities – Living in a level-headed house regularly follows an escalated treatment program like private treatment. You live with other recovering addicts in a protected, strong, and in drug-free place.

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