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Key Reasons to Start a Learning Blog

An online learning blog is an amazing place where you can gain knowledge, ideas and expertise from experienced professionals or those who are also learning. But why should you start your own online learning blog?

Start a Learning Blog

1] Choose a Good Topic for Your Blog

Firstly, researching a topic to write your own online learning blog increases your own personal knowledge. For example, if you are learning a language you could start your own computer-based language learning (CALL) blog, which could feature language quizzes, tips on writing essays in different writing styles, i.e. MLA essay or APA essay, articles about grammar points and details of the latest linguistic pedagogy research.

In conducting this research to create your blog you may inadvertently increase or even update your own understanding of a subject.

2] Value of Research for CPD

Additionally, executing research for your blog could contribute towards your personal continuing professional development (CPD). This is a method of practice in which professionals are required to familiarise themselves with current research in their occupational field.

Continuing professional development is a requirement in many professional spheres, such as psychiatry, speech therapy, teaching, scientific research and medical practice. Nonetheless, continuing to expand knowledge is an excellent pursuit in any professional field and serves as excellent practise to those wishing to enter fields in which continuing professional development is a requirement.

3] Knowledge Sharing

Secondly, sharing is caring. If you have specific knowledge or ideas, sharing this information on an online learning blog can really help others in their own learning journeys, spark conversation and inspire. These ideas do not have to be geared towards career goals. In fact, many people are motivated and inspired by reading finance blogs.

Knowledge sharing

These blogs not only provide tips and tricks for money saving and share personal stories about getting rid of debt, but the blogs also feature articles about the cognitive processes involved with spending money.

These blogs also create a platform for a community that is able to share information and create a dialogue on particular topics, including informative and descriptive topics.

Maybe you are a neuroscientist or maybe you just love horses, an online learning blog is an excellent way to find a like-minded community, and present the opportunity to educate others and potentially yourself along the way.

4] Improving your writing and presenting skills

Thirdly, it will improve your writing skills as well presentation skills. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Knowing that others will be taking a quiz written by you, reading the information presented or be watching your videos puts pressure on the writer to be clear and concise in their ideas.

It motivates the writer to create persuasive and engaging content that an audience will want to engage with. Being able to communicate ideas eloquently and effectively are skills that can improve your personal and professional life.

Additionally, those with excellent writing skills appear to have a higher level of intelligence than those with poor literary abilities.

Therefore, writing your online learning blog will encourage you to flex your penmanship muscles and practice a commutative skill that is highly regarded. It will help you to shape and express your ideas and appear highly intelligent.

5] Opportunity to Grow

Finally, an online learning blog presents an opportunity to be resilient, grow and be accountable. Starting your own online learning blog can be scary. People may criticise the information presented or the ideas you have worked so hard on. People may criticise your writing style, spelling mistakes, your grammar, the blog presentation or even the subject matter. However, this should motivate you, not discourage you.

Nobody is perfect. Listen to these criticisms and continue to learn and improve your blog. This is not just a learning journey for your audience but also for you personally. Take this opportunity to learn and grow. There’s no doubt that eventually, you will come out the other end more knowledgeable, with better research and writing skills. You will learn to take on board constructive criticisms and learn from mistakes.

Resilience and the ability to take criticism are the signs of a positive person; this makes you likeable and also highly employable. So do not be afraid. Put yourself out there.

As Gandhi says in his biography ‘a true teacher regards himself as a student of his students. If you will teach your pupils with this attitude, you will benefit much from them’. Here, Gandhi states the importance of listening and learning from your students to become a good teacher.

If you approach teaching others on your online learning blog as an opportunity to learn, it becomes less scary and simply an opportunity to learn and grow.

In conclusion, an online learning blog is a place where you can learn as well as teach, a way to improve your skills and build a community based on your topic of choice. Whether you want to improve your career, improve your personal skills or just simply share some information, go write an online learning blog. You will not be disappointed in any way – guaranteed.

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