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16 Simple Motivation Tips to Get More Done

Every morning you have a to-do list of chores that run through your mind. However, most people are unable to get everything on that list done, despite their best efforts. This is often a source of disappointment for people which can lead them on a negative spin. However, there is absolutely no need for you to lose heart.

Simple Tips to Boost Work Motivation and Stay Productive

Simple Motivation Tips

Here are 16 Simple Motivation Tips to Get More Done.

1] Give 5 minutes to the task 

Focusing on the task for even as less as 5 minutes can be enough to get rid of your lethargy. You will be surprised to see how those 5 minutes turn into an hour without you getting bored and probably finishing the task.

2] Trick your brain

If you brood, sulk, slouch in the office, you are bound to get less work done than when you smile, laugh, communicate, sit straight and walk tall. Your positive attitude can help your brain focus more on the work at hand making you more productive.

3] Find your sweet spot

Focus at a point where your skillset can be used to complete a difficult task. Challenge yourself to achieve newer heights.

4] Plan your day ahead

Make a to-do list the night before and start ticking them off as soon as you are in work mode. Once you gain momentum, it is enough to let you through the rest of the day provided you don’t lose steam mid-way.

5] Get the correct tools

Having to do work when the conditions are not optimum is one of the most common reasons why people get frustrated. Instead of giving yourself time to procrastinate, get everything you need in working condition to avoid wasting any time.

6] Trust inspirational quotes to fuel your passion

No matter how cheesy they appear, motivational posters are known to do the trick. Use them to decorate your work area to provide inspiration and motivation every time you find yourself slacking.

7] Music helps bring you on track

Keep your favorite playlists ready whenever you feel like zoning out or distracted from work. Music has the power to inspire you, uplift your mood and charge you with energy to get anything done. Push the play button on your favorite music and see the distractions blocking your mind being lifted.

8] Stop being a perfectionist

Setting impossible standards to maintain can be a reason for time wastage. You will end up stressing yourself which will affect your performance. Avoid putting emphasis on perfection, sometimes; getting work done on time is more important.

9] Keep reminding yourself of your goals 

Nothing is as important as your family or your dream vacation. Keep yourself motivated by reminding yourself of what you are working for. This will motivate you to keep going ahead.

10] TED talks work

Read motivational books or watch inspirational videos. These provide an insight into what’s going on in your brain and how to tackle it.

11] Help people in need

You can be the inspiration for many people by helping them in their need. Sharing your talent not only inspires them but also motivates you to do more.

12] Take a break

Being motivated does not mean that you’ll remain charged throughout the day. If you are facing burnout symptoms, taking a break is recommended to recharge your brain and body. Your subconscious works out the problem when you give the brain the essential rest.

13] Rethink your steps

Maybe motivation is not the issue, but your process itself requires some work. If you are stuck with some task, rethink another way it can be done.

14] Visualizing helps

Picture yourself where you want to be. This image will give you a dopamine rush to motivate you to achieve the vision you have just seen.

15] Get a pep talk

Talk to a friend when you feel demotivated or browse motivational videos to push yourself.

16] Celebrate achievements

Something good is achieved every day. Instead of being overwhelmed by the disappointments of the day or the work which remains, focus on what you achieved.

Always remember, no matter what happens, you can do it!

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16 Simple Motivation Tips to Get More Done

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