Video Interview Benefits For Employers

Video Conferencing is a tool that has huge versatility and can be applied in a number of instances in order to improve efficiency. For recruiters and employers, using video conferencing solutions when interviewing job applicants can provide a host of benefits compared to the more traditional interview approaches.

Video Interview Benefits


The Benefits of Video Interviews

  • You will save an interviewer and applicant time when you have a long interview process with multiple stages. Video conferencing may allow you to cut out stages for the convenience of both the employer and candidates – for instance, you can host an interview in real life while other team members are watching via video to save the time that it would have taken for them to travel and participate in person.
  • It provides a simple solution to scheduling issues. Employed candidates often find it hard to find time for an interview without requesting time off work. A one-way interview allows them to complete your interview on their own time outside of work hours, while a live interview can still be beneficial as it eliminates travel time and provides them with the option to complete it during their lunch break.
  • It allows applicants who may live in a remote location to participate with little stress and money wasted on their behalf. It may also encourage potential employees to apply because of the reduced hassle. You may want to meet the applicant in real life at a later stage, but means to first filter out people who are not suitable it can be very beneficial.
  • It can greatly reduce the pressure and stress put on an applicant. Often, the face-to-face interview process can be daunting and wouldn’t necessarily show the applicant when they’re at their most optimal level of confidence and performance due to anxiety etc. A video call would allow the applicant to be interviewed from a familiar environment where they feel comfortable and therefore will give the interviewer a better understanding of how the individual behaves when comfortable and settled.
  • Using Cloud Video Conferencing. This video conferencing technology allows users to connect from any device, anywhere in the world whether from a phone, tablet, desktop or video room. Making the process of arranging and running a video interview simple and straight-forward.

Things to consider when using Video Conferencing for Interviews

Video Conferencing for Interviews

  • Poor internet connection. Video interviews are heavily dependent on internet speed and reliability. Frequent disconnects and low sound/video quality may remove that candidate from the running, regardless of their suitability. Technical issues wouldn’t affect a person’s chances to impress during a face-to-face interview.
  • It requires access to a computer and the internet: in this day and age, there is a huge assumption that everyone has access to a computer and internet- however, not all jobs require this and some people may not have IT knowledge or access. However, if you’re interviewing candidates that are abroad, you could invest in booking a video room for your applicants to attend for the interview.

If you do decide to use video interviews then here are some tips of best practice advice:

  • Use a reliable and high quality software: Ensure that you are using a reliable software to host a video interview, you want high quality video and when doing live interviews, test your camera, microphone, and Internet connection ahead of time.
  • Build a consistent framework for each interview: Make sure you are ensuring an even playing field for each candidate; they are asked the same questions and are held to the same expectations. It’s also important that you give them information about the next steps available and when you will be in contact about whether they were successful.

In conclusion, video interviewing can be hugely beneficial to not just employers but to candidates as well. Consider cost implications, time management of your staff and whether you want to see your applicant when they’re performing at their optimal level.

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