Want to Work From Home? 6 Crucial Success Tips

Countless office-bound workers dream of severing ties with corporate life and going into business for themselves. Very often, these dreams involve another key component: the freedom to work from home.

Work From Home - Success Tips

Working from home isn’t as daunting as it sounds. Nor does it require superhuman feats of organization or self-motivation. Here’s what you can do to improve your chances of work-at-home success today.

1] Organize and Streamline Your Workspace

First, utilize common home office “hacks” to organize and streamline your workspace. Invest in a multifunctional desk with sitting and standing components, built-in storage, and plenty of surface space to reduce clutter.

Use a filing cabinet to store papers you don’t need every day, and follow a simple system to keep it in order. Store office supplies, equipment, and reference material in logical locations.

2] Pursue Opportunities That Support Your Local Community

Next, help make a difference by looking for work-at-home opportunities that support your local community. For instance, fundraising distributors sell high-profit products to local school groups, charities, faith organizations, and others whose very presence strengthens their communities.

According to the experts at ABC Fundraising, full-time fundraising distributors can earn anywhere from $500 to $5,000 or more while working from home.

3] Purchase Productivity-Enhancing Supplies and Equipment

Make targeted investments in supplies and equipment likely to enhance your work-at-home productivity. For instance, if your work involves lots of time on the phone, you’ll want to purchase a comfortable hands-free headset that keeps you connected while allowing you to multitask on long conference calls.

4] Eliminate Distractions From Your Home Office

Follow these straightforward tips to eliminate distractions while working from home. The last thing you need is a home workspace filled with productivity-sapping distractions, such as cable TV and video games. Consider keeping your personal mobile phone in another room, too.

5] Spend Some Time Outside Your Home Office Each Day

Getting out of the house is easy when you’re pursuing an opportunity that supports your local community, such as fundraising distribution.

However, even if you’re not engaged in such an enterprise, you can still improve your focus, mood, and productivity by periodically changing your work environment — or, simply, taking a long walk in your neighborhood or the local park at lunchtime, running errands to break up your day, or meditating in a quiet outdoor space when inspiration strikes.

How you choose to break up your day is up to you. That you do it is crucial to your productivity and mental health.

6] Break Up Your Time Into Manageable, Action-Oriented Segments

Finally, segment your day into manageable, action-oriented intervals that increase your chances of completing your daily to-do list by the time you’re ready to quit. As these time management tips from John Rampton make clear, it’s essential that every segment of your day have a discrete purpose or task.

Success Can Happen Anywhere

If one theme unites these easy work-at-home productivity tips, it’s that success can happen anywhere, even in a nondescript home office environment.

No matter what you do for a living or how far you’ve come since making the transition to the work-at-home life, you’re in control of your own destiny here. What will you do to grab the reins and ensure that your next year is the most rewarding and successful yet?

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