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Interview with Nitin Maheta – Founder of Making Different

The Third Interview of Just Web World. Today we have Nitin Maheta with us. Nitin Maheta is a ProBlogger. Nitin runs a very successful blog Making Different which covers topics related to Blogger Widgets,Blog Design and Maintenance Tips and Tutorials,SEO Tips,Windows applications,Linux applications,Tech Tips and Tricks,Mobiles, Laptops, Tablets, Social media and much more about latest Technology. Apart from being a Pro Blogger, He is really a nice person having friendly nature. Every blogger should have friendly nature. In this Interview, He has shared important  information about his blog, Life and professional work.

Interview with Nitin Maheta - Founder of Making Different

Let’s learn from his experience and start the interview :-

1 > Can you tell us a little about yourself ?

Myself, Nitin Maheta from a small place, Rajkot but surely with big dreams. For livelihood i am working as manager in garments showroom in a big mall. Along with maintaining an endless queue of satisfied customers, I have a passion for blogging. Currently I am using my passion for blogging at I may not say I am doing a great task but for sure trying to mould my simple passion in a big one.

2 > How did your Blogging journey started ?

Blogging was something that was unplanned from my part. 5 years ago, I undertook it as a hobby without knowing that I will be exploring into a world of knowledge and fun. To be honest, the word SEO or blogging was alian to me. Alike all freshers my blogs were at, the heaven place for all new bloggers. Unfortunately with the mistake of automated classification system of blogger’s all my blogs were removed. This was so unexpected and heart  broken that I decided to switch off from this field. The hard work that I did in writing more than 400 post along with the huge traffic which I earned from my work, all were standing at zero. But as the saying goes, one can never be ignored with the fruit of your hard work and to save my fruit arrived Mr. Bhavesh Sondagar, the great man behind the foundation of He suggested me to start a blog in  WordPress. Though this foray was unknown to me but with his help I started moving ahead. He even installed my blog in his hosting. I started learning different pros and cons of WordPress and finally owned my own hosting.

Create a Blog With Blogger

3 > Mention the Names of your favourite bloggers and blogs ?

Without any doubts I would like to take the name of my  friend cum philospher Mr. Bhavesh Sondager who had helped me when I was in despair. Without his help I don’t know where I would have been today. Very soon we are planning to start a new SEO company together. A company that will be full of my skills and his experience.  The list of blogs followed by me are as follows-,, etc.

4 > What is blogging for you? How do you see yourself without blogging ?

I started blogging for fun but imagine a scenario where you earn while you learn. After 5 years when I turn around it becomes tough for me to imagine myself without blogging. My dedication and hard work along with the love of my readers had mould me into a different entity. Today blogging is fourth necessity to me without which i cannot expect my life. Now it has become a foray to earn too. I earn quite handsomely through blogging. I am planning to become a full time blogger in coming month where I will be my own owner.

5 > Apart from Making Different, do you have any other blogs ?

I want to grow with the growing world of blogging, henceforth though I have only one blog now but I have plans for multiple blogs in upcoming future.

6 > How you Build a Backlinks for your Website ?

Honestly speaking I have never taken any burden for link building. I have shared rows of blogger widgets in my own blog and had provided one of my credit link in each of them. There is a Long user list of my widgets and in all of them you could also see the attached credit link of mine. I had also designed blogger’s theme and templates and share it without any charges for bloggers with the credit link of my blog. I believe in quality work and all my widgets and template are best if we speak about quality.   templates designed by me are downloaded for more than a score and that keep on adding to my blogs too. This help me in gaining backlinks too.

Making Different Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

7 > One reason for which anyone should consider blogging an income source ?

People says anyone can earn money from blogs but it held no truth. If you don’t have any knack for knowledge of the niche that you want to pursue than you cannot move in this field. You can only earn if you know what you want. Money making via blogging is not as easy as it sounds.

In order to earn through blogging you need to be the proud owner of some special skills in which you have attained excellence or guidance of right person or right technology at right time. If you owns any such facility then blogging is made for you and you could expect great returns too. If this is the case than let me welcome you to the world of Internet Marketing.

8 > How do you see Guest Posting as a method of driving traffic ?

Guest Post is something that had always hold a great place among my passion. By being a guest for others blog through your content I could earn a backlink that arrest traffic as well as adds more fruits to my fame. It not only enhances your social attendance, earn goodwill on others blog and ensure your popularity in Blogosphere. The pace of your writing makes you more noticeable. You need The more you write on other blogs, the more you get seen. The blogs for which you have decided to write should be authorized one and should be of the same niche that you are comfortable with and at the same time the post that you provide there must be appealing. You could arrest their reader list by doing Guest Posting on the blog’s of other and putting it in yours.

Guest Blogging – Get the Power to Boost Your Reputation

9 > How to earn traffic for your blog ?

Earning traffic for your website is not a tough job if you are regular in your writing job. Quality is another important aspect for earning traffic. Something that looks good always have good impression on the readers so never forget to put images in your blog. Enrolling in any SEO helps you in gaining traffic too. Comments are another gateway for earning huge traffic. Backlinks and tagging help you to earn lots of traffic too. So now start arresting huge traffic for your blog easily.

10 > What is the role of SEO in the success or failure of a Blog ?

As mentioned earlier the word SEO was alien to me earlier. This never restricted me in earning huge traffic and achieving high ranking over Google. Its only quality of your content that matters and your concern for your users.

However when I educated myself with the great world of. SEO i not only succeeded in earning a great traffic for my blog but groomed my style of earning via blog also. Hence SEO has an important role to play in blogging as far as income is concerned.

11 > Any advice that you can give to the readers of my blog for their success ?

Always remember to maintain quality and niche of your blog. Your continuous effort and polished skill can push you towards success easily.

12 > How can readers of the blog get in touch with you ?

Follow my blog at  and reach me with ease at contact2makingdifferent[@]

That’s all friends .Thanks for reading my interview with Nitin Maheta From Making Different. Keep practising ,keep on learning new things. Keep calm and always be positive.

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