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What Is An Electric Generator?

Did you know that the first generator was invented back in 1831? Have you ever had your electricity go out during extreme weather or during a storm? If you answered yes, then you are all too familiar with the terrible feeling of not being able to use all of our modern conveniences.

This is why learning what is an electric generator and what are the benefits will help you prepare for the next time you have a power outage.

What Is An Electric Generator

Keep reading to understand more in-depth about electric generators.

What Is an Electric Generator?

An electric generator like the ones found on Krugerpower.com.au is a device that transforms mechanical force into electrical current. This process is known as electromagnetic induction.

You might not realize that generators are all around you, from the Hoover Dam to the alternator in your car.

1] How It Works

Before we dive into the benefits of an electric generator we are going to explain how these incredible tools work. A generator converts motion energy into electricity. There is a magnetic field that is stationary and a rotating electromagnet that spins to produce an electrical current.

A simple visual to give you a clearer picture of generators in action: think about moving paper clips with a magnet. The magnetic field that attracts all of those paper clips is the movement of electrons. With a generator think about it as a device that moves a magnet near a wire to create a flow of electrons.

It’s almost like pushing water through a pipe but instead of a pipe, the generator uses a magnet to push electrons.

2] Benefits

In today’s modern world we are very dependant on electricity to work from home, travel the world, charge our phones, play our video games, stream our favorite shows, etc. When we lose power things can feel a bit nutty because our normal routines can be disrupted.

Here are a few benefits of having an electric powered generator as a backup.

3] Medical Equipment

If you or someone in your home have medical issues that require you to have an available source of electricity for things such as oxygen masks, you can have peace of mind with a generator. If something were to happen and you lose power you will still be able to run the oxygen machine on the generator.

If you have someone at home that needs the air conditioner due to breathing problems or someone elderly, not able to tolerate the heat your generator will be able to run the air conditioning.

Keep in mind that when you are shopping for a generator you want to choose one that is large enough to handle all of your electrical needs.

4] Sump Pump

Do you tend to have flooding issues in your home? If so, a backup generator will make sure that your sump pump still works and does what it has to do while there are heavy downpours or inches of snow melting.

5] Storms

Whether you deal with hurricanes, blizzards, or hail storms, you can set up your generator to detect when the power goes out. This will give it a signal to turn on without you having to deal with going outside to manually start up your generator.

6] Businesses

If you own a small business like a small restaurant or a deli and can’t afford to lose money from issues like the power going out, you will love having a generator. A generator will keep your business running no matter how the weather is outside.

7] Appliances

If you were to lose power at home this will leave you with a short window before things in the refrigerator start to go bad. A backup outside generator will ensure that you can still power up your fridge, your stove, and even your dishwasher if you need it.

Smaller appliances like your coffee pot and television will also work making you feel like your power never went out.

8] Increase Home Value

Having an electric generator that powers up your whole home will increase the value of your home if you were to sell it in the future. Buyers will see this as a valuable upgrade and perk in case something were to happen to the power while they are living in the house.

On top of increasing your home value, it might also lower your home insurance bill. Many insurance companies give discounts to those that install a whole-home generator.

9] Peace of Mind

One of the best benefits is that you can have peace of mind that you are covered when it comes to power in case something were to happen. If you have kids, you want to make sure they do not suffer because you were not prepared.

Peace of mind is probably one of the biggest benefits on this list. You will have peace of mind that during a blackout while all the other homes in your neighborhood are without power your home is just fine. You can continue operating and living as if nothing happened while your loved ones are safe.

10] Ready to Choose Your Own Generator?

Now that you know the answer to “what is an electric generator?” and the benefits of having one, are you ready to shop around for your own generator? Their convenience and ability to power up our homes or business in an emergency can truly give us peace of mind.

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