What’s Involved With Penetration Testing and Why It’s Important

There are many reasons why you may run or have a website of some form. It could be that you’re an active blogger, or that you own an eCommerce business – for which a website is an essential asset. Whatever it might be, you’ll be in agreement that the security of your site is vital, as the last thing you’ll want is to face a cyber-attack.

What Is Penetration Testing and Why Is It Important

What Is Penetration Testing and Why Is It Important

Cyber-attacks are happening more and more with even the biggest businesses being exposed. So,in order to rid yourself of this threat you may want to consider ‘penetration testing’.

If this is something new to you, or you just want to know a little bit more about what this is and how it can help, take a look below to find out.

1) Penetration Testing Explained

As you might be able to work out from the name, penetration (or ‘pen’) testing is where your website is ‘penetrated’ to see where any weakness are, and give you a clearer idea of how potential threats could infiltrate it.

2) Penetration Testing: How it Works

Naturally, this takes a lot of skill and ability to do, which is why there are specialist companies like Nettitude who offer this service. What the teams at these firms do is use their IT knowledge to stage a mock hack or attack on your website.

From this they can then give you a clear breakdown of what areas of your website might need addressing and which parts are exposed. In addition to this, they can offer you guidance and advice on best practices to get the right safeguards in place to prevent such attacks.

3) Why this is Important

penetration testing tutorial and benefits

As alluded to above, such attacks can affect a variety of websites and it’s important you protect yourself against problems like:

  • Loss of your personal information.
  • Loss of your customer data if you’re a business.
  • Theft of your intellectual property.
  • The subsequent, fraudulent use of your personal details by these attackers.
  • Down-time and loss of business or time online if your website goes down.

So, don’t leave things to chance with your website – especially if you rely on it for business purposes – and afford yourself the protection you need through penetration testing.

When you do, you’ll be able to rest assured that your site is safe and secure and that it can be used online without any threats getting in the way of your success. :)

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