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Reasons Why Business And Individuals Should Use QR Codes – Why Are They Safe?

Do you know what QR stands for? It stands for Quick Response. A QR code may look simple and easy but you’ll be rather surprised to know that it stores lots of data. No matter how much information it contains, as soon as you scan a QR code, it allows you to access details instantly, and therefore it gets its name, Quick Response Code.

There are countless benefits of QR codes in marketing and businesses. Free qr code generator is a gift to the Internet community brought to you by Andreas Haerter and Andreas Wolf.  Anywhere you look, you will see QR codes, whether restaurant menu, tickets, packaging of products, and several other places. Are you still wondering why this is happening? If yes, you definitely don’t know some of the latest things about technology. You may have not got a chance to test them or you just didn’t try out new things!

Either way, you’re losing out a lot of potential by not utilizing their benefits. If you’re a business owner, you’re the biggest loser! For business and marketing improvements, QR codes are nothing less than an asset. Keep reading to know more on the reasons for using QR codes.

QR Codes for Small Businesses

The return of the QR code

Since the last few years, a stellar mobile network coupled with a boost in smartphone web content has created the perfect atmosphere for the QR code to return. Moreover, with the integration of a Code reader in the latest Samsung and iPhones, they have become easily accessible, eliminating inconvenient steps, and granting quicker access to vital information. This also increases transparency. Besides that, with the advent of the branded QR code, it offers more meaningful connections to products and brands through design.

Benefits of QR code for businesses

It has been a few years since the QR code has been invented and has become widespread in no time. Before QR codes, there were barcodes and they are still being used in other applications. Here are a few reasons why businesses should use QR codes over barcodes and how they are safe.

Modifiable or editable in content after deployment or printing

QR codes have been designed in such a manner that they can be edited in data even though users have printed them in other marketing materials or after being distributed online. Having said that, users can save a huge portion of their expenses from re-printing QR codes.

Allows multi-media content

As long as a QR code is concerned, it has several types of solutions. A QR code uses four standardized encoding modes – alphanumeric, numeric, kanji, and binary/byte to store data effectively. It can also use extensions.

QR code scans can be tracked

There is a saying, that which you can’t improve, you can measure. Thanks to the capability of QR codes to track its QR code scans, that users can easily understand and track their marketing campaign. They get a comprehensive data about the behavior of their target audience, and lets users unlock the powerful statistics to enhance their marketing and get a return on investment.

QR codes are flexible

Barcodes usually have a bigger minimum size that is required to scan them but QR codes are much smaller. Hence, they automatically become more flexible due to their small size. They can be taken to different locations, including the product packaging corners.

QR codes store more information

It is never possible to use barcodes for the reasons for which QR codes are used. Barcodes can store very little data and on the other hand, QR codes can store more than 2500 characters. Barcodes can store just 25 characters.

The content of QR code can be accessed through mobile devices

Utilizing barcodes involves putting in lot of effort in scanning the codes. This happens mainly because they can only be read in a single orientation, unlike QR codes, which can be scanned in any orientation you want. When you offer quick information regarding a service or product or item, by scanning a QR code, the audience can get immediate information.

Reliable and resilient

A little bit of damage done to barcodes will make them useless instantly. However, this is not the case with QR codes as they can receive damage of up to 30% of the image before showing any scanning errors.

How are QR codes beneficial in marketing

When you run a business, this entails doing the necessary marketing for bringing in customers. You will use all possible marketing medium that you have, like emails, social media, and printed ads. Amidst all this, do not forget about QR codes. Here’s how they are beneficial in marketing.

Adds digital aspect to digital ads

With QR codes being added to flyers and posters, they can hold so much information. People will know more about your business this way. Whenever there are vital details missing, many potential customers will bid you goodbye. QR codes can thereby add a digital aspect to your print materials.

Keeps your customers engaged

It is not just enough to tell people about your business. There are instances when the posters and flyers can get ignored and even thrown out. Thanks to QR codes that you can engage your customers and get them hooked. There are different forms of interesting content to which you can link your QR codes.

Saves your money

One more benefit of utilizing QR codes for marketing is that with the user of dynamic QR codes, you can create an image that allows updatable embedded data. Hence, whenever you put up QR code posters, you do not require taking them off and replacing them when they have already served you. Instead, you just must update the content and this will save you on printing costs and manpower.

Year after year, QR codes are gradually seeing more integration and acceptance in daily human activities. Considering the way in which technology is progressing, it is gradually opening up more options for a business owner. QR codes also shows that it is not something that will get outdated anytime soon and that it is here to stay.

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