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Why Content Matters In the Digital World

In both real and digital worlds, there is an underlying premise: Everyone has something to say and wants that something to be heard.

If we transfer this postulate to the increasingly competitive business world, we will understand that both the message and the audience that will receive it need to be refined.

Content Matters the Most in the Digital World

Importance of Content in the Digital World

1] Golden Rule In Email Marketing: Avoid Falling Into The Spam Category

Any effort to build a relevant message would go a long way if we have no guarantee that it will reach our target audience. One of the main reasons why the deliverability is affected (that is, the possibility that an electronic message is delivered or not to the recipient) is the message content.

For this reason, there are tools to improve deliverability which analyze this content and if you want to learn the amazing ways this scanning is done click here.

2] Understand Your Business First

Small businesses and new entrepreneurs need to spend time considering how they would like to be perceived by their desired market segment. A very frequent mistake new companies make when they enter into the digital world is not understanding their business model and what is the star product or service that should be promoted.

Therefore, they spend time and resources promoting a brand that is a nobody in the market yet, which means, they use strategies that are valid only for audiences that are already aware of their brand and feel affection for it.

What happens is that entrepreneurs are so enthusiastic about their new endeavors, that they believe posting their logo, photos of their new store, or the raw material they use on social media, is enough to make themselves known.

There is the tendency to believe that whoever is looking for the products and services a new company offers, are also researching these profiles on social media. And maybe if a person needs to buy a car, all she or he will do is search dealerships on Google and not profiles on social networks.

3] Humanizing The Content

If you are starting a new business there is a learning curve shared by you and whoever is in charge of creating the content (which can be yourself), while you get a thorough understanding of that business.

Beyond communicating the brand, the logo, the new location, the recommendation would be to tell the story of why you are starting up a new business.

This will connect more with the audience because it is a more social and less commercial approach, and because people will value your effort and will feel that this effort goes side by side with the quality of the service or product.

Showing the human side of your entrepreneurship optimizes the message more than explicitly saying what the business has to offer.

The reason for this is that there may be thousands of companies doing the same as yours and the competition factor forces you not only to provide excellent service but also to create better content, attract your potential costumers attention and be relevant.

4] Get To Know Your Audience

According to The Economic Times segmentation “means to divide the market place into parts, or segments, which are definable, accessible, profitable and have growth potential”.

When a marketer is working on creating content that will appeal to a particular target, it would be extremely useful to have a consumer profile.

This document should provide data on age, sex, income, nationality, religion, location, attitudes, aspirations, values, habits, patterns and behaviors of your intended audience.

5] Personalize Your Communication

Segmentation is based on what we know or can assume about our consumers through research. Personalization is based on what people tell us through their online behavior.

All communication that is sent through both email and social media needs to be justified, otherwise, the client will be unsubscribed or will stop reading the messages, as they will only be part of the landscape, like the banners on websites that we mentally block.

Nowadays, customers have less time to consume content and have higher expectations. They do not tolerate well marketing messages that are not relevant to them.

And They want content, messages, and experiences to be tailored to their interests. They want brands to know them individually and not just as part of a demographic group.

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