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3 Arguments Why You Should Be Paid More

Are you sure you deserve to be paid more but don’t know how to argue for an increase? HR-expert and personal consultant from essay writing service, where you can buy custom essay, explain the basis for salary review at the company and what arguments will help convince the management.

The question of salary review is one of the most important in communication between the employer and the specialist. It is not accepted in our culture, and it often leads to the fact that the specialist is dismissed, leaving the employer with doubts and the need to look for and prepare a replacement.

Why You Should Be Paid More

However, even if you take the liberty of communicating about income review with the employer, you can make mistakes.

One of the most common is when people do not understand why they are receiving money and therefore have weak arguments. For example, they assert that other companies perform more frequent reviews. Or they declare their desire to receive more, arguing their loyalty or working hours in the company.

Another grave mistake is to blackmail the employer by taking advantage of offers received from other companies. Or set an ultimatum: either a raise or you quit. This strategy can work, but only once. In the future, the employer will not trust such an employee.

Principles of income review at companies

To properly conduct a conversation with a supervisor, I suggest that you first understand the principles of income review in companies. Understanding them will be easier to prepare for the interview.

The relationship with the employer is essentially a wholesale sale of your time. The employer pays for the specific results and benefits he gets from working with you. This means that the key to negotiating a raise will be understanding your value to the company’s position and convincingly delivering this information.

At most companies, income review is budgeted once a year. But the employer also depends on the value of the specialist and market conditions of income. Therefore, if your function has changed, the project or the job has been added, it is possible to have a postpaid review of your salary.

Sometimes, to lobby for the review of income for a subordinate, your direct supervisor needs to explain its necessity already to their superiors. But you have to prepare the arguments for this.

Three arguments on the merits of salary review

The value of the marketplace as a whole

Look at the number of vacancies and the level of income offered by employers in open sources. You can also look at the experience of your acquaintances: how quickly they found a job and what level of income they received.

You can also ask your recruiter acquaintances about the salary range for this position and look at the available analysis of income levels. This is how job search sites sometimes do it.

Your worth to the employer

Evaluate your value to the company in several ways.

  • What results did you bring to the company in the last period?
  • And what kind of unique expertise do you have in your department (think about the skills that nobody else has, and guess what questions your colleagues often ask you);
  • What benefits do you bring to your boss, and how do you help them?

Your added value

Think about the added value you can bring to your employer. For example, you can take on an additional project or function.

Or you can unleash the boss on specific issues – for example, to take away a part of the work, which he does not like, but you do it with ease. Do not forget that you can ask the employer what you can be helpful for and what additional duties you can receive more.

After this preparation, you will realize your value and how you can be helpful to the employer in the future. This will give you confidence in yourself and arguments for the management.

How to negotiate a raise?

Choose the right moment for the meeting – it’s better to have it after a successful meeting with your supervisor. Say that you would like to go to X amount and give arguments for this. Describe what exactly you do or are going to do that is suitable for the company, what additional functions or projects you are ready to take on.

You can also ask your supervisors to think about what you can do to get more out of your work. But do not expect a quick response – give the manager time to think about and negotiate a review of your salary with your supervisor for the need.

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