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Wixstores – Create Your Online Store with Wix.Com

WixStores, the eCommerce platform, gives online merchants the ability to create their own online store. Are you an entrepreneur or self-employed? Today we here at our Tech Blog would be discussing about how to create your own online store with, so without wasting much time – let’s get started.

WixStores was created with the intention to help budding business owners reach their goal in an easy way. is a very big platform. Any business person can use’s eCommerce website builder tool to build own web store easily.

eCommerce Platform WixStores

Create Your Online Store With WixStores

Create Your Online Store With WixStores

By making use of this online tool you will be able to create a visually appealing store, as well as an extremely functional store that meets your requirements.

Store Manager – Manage Your Online Store: has number of tools to ease your task very quickly. also has got the several sorts of product management tabs where you can add all the products.

In the WixStores store manager you’ll see how you can take care of all your store needs such as: adding products, rearranging products, adding collections, adding images, product descriptions, and managing your orders.

Manage Your Online Store

Manage Your Online Store

In any instance if you require help and assistance from, it offers you lots of information to solve your problem. Check out the online support and helping Materials from the help center.

Utilize Email Marketing To Maximize Your Store’s Potential

The foremost essential and major part of the online business lies in communication with your customers. This proves to be extremely easy to do. Of course, you must collect their email so that you can advertise your products or keep in touch with them through Email Marketing. has a wonderful management option that stores all your users mail ids there by you can use them to keep in touch with your beloved customers, once they have been collected.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

When sending newsletters for your online store:

  • Select the triggers, and you’ll be able to send emails regarding special offers about your online store to consumers who have not sited any orders in the last 6 months
  • You can easily send a coupon when someone turns into a site member
  • Once after publishing content, immediately let your visitors know about your site updates

If any user purchased or kept any orders send thank you letters.

You have to send newsletters in such a way that you are really communicating customers like face-to-face.

Wixstores Features at a Glance – Overview

So, far we discussed about the benefit of using WixStores, and all the tools. So now let’s see the the different features of WixStores.

  • It has got Product galleries to exhibit your products
  • You can instantly create separate Product pages for each product
  • It up to your wish – you can design your store closely the way you wish for
  • has so many templates
  • You can add own Product images and descriptions
  • Coupons – for purchasing online products
  • When your site’s visitors buy products, they can do so via multiple payment methods.
  • You can easily keep track of your store’s orders

Wixstores Mobile Optimized

Wixstores Mobile Optimized

Wixstores Mobile Optimized

Many internet users are visiting sites through their smartphones. And since, the store is mobile optimized, your site will look good on a mobile device.

Additional Services from

  • Domain Registration
  • Tons of app to improvise your online store

Wrapping Up

So, far we discussed the cool and awesome features about the best online eCommerce website builder that is WixStores. If you have any more concerns or have any additional points to be included about this website do let us know through comment. 🙂

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