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WP Rocket WordPress Caching Plugin (Supercharge Your Website Speed)

Loading…. Do you get annoyed while looking for some website that has lethargic loading despite of your optimum internet speed? Well, internet speed is not everything on which these scenarios of the event depends.

There is bulk of abstract things, happening in the background without giving you instinct like creation of multilevel threads to handle each process and TCP/IP protocol for sending and receiving requests to and fro from server for every click you hit on any website.

WP Rocket – The Best Cache Plugin For WordPress

WP Rocket WordPress Caching Plugin

These things collectively determines how your website is going to respond and in what time when a visitor makes a surf for it.

Now a days, majority of websites are using CMS i.e. Content Management Systems, and in that too about 59.5 % (about 74 million websites) are using WordPress. Despite of being the top notch choice in the market, WordPress however, could be slow if not prioritized and manipulated correctly. There are slew of mechanisms available to make a call for this like –

  • Utilizing cache Units.
  • Using a Solid Framework/ Theme.
  • Reducing the number of WordPress plugins.
  • MYSQL Tuning.
  • Lazy load Images and Videos etc.

1) Utilizing Cache Units

To understand this mechanism, first we have to get an insight of mechanism known as ‘Caching’ which refers to storing of chunks of information in a sector known as Cache Unit and instead of making call to the server for the same information again and again, information stored in these Cache can be fetched instead of sending call to server and can be utilized directly in future too, when request for same information comes from the user.

In this way there would be less burden on thread assigned for this task. In case of WordPress, this mechanism, however, varies a bit as Caching will grab all of dynamic content of your webpage and stores it in the form of static webpage (static webpages have less loading and processing time as compared to dynamic webpages) which, in turn, will have a less impact on processing factor of server.

Subsequently you need plugins that will guide WordPress to work accordingly. In market there comes a plethora of plugins both paid and free to use. Here goes the list-

2) Free and Premium Cache Plugins

Free and Premium Cache Plugins

  • WP Rocket
  • WP Super Cache
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Cache Enabler


WP Rocket Cache Plugin

A top notch plugin in the market, integrates with itself varieties of features and helps you to fight aberration in loading, broken loaded pictures, delayed loading etc. For starters this is tangible solution to use and an endeavour in configuring WordPress in less than a conspicuous time.

However, you need to buy a license which comes for $39 – $199 for a year, depending on how many websites are included in speed – up domain. Major exciting features includes-

  • Developer Friendly

1) For those who are proficient in coding skills, can easily make necessary customization easily and exploit it for their advantage.

  • Cache Preloading

1) This happens by first looking for cache unit of browser to load a page before making a call to server.

  • Image On Request

1) Images are loaded only when it comes in the purview of visitor, thus reducing load and processing burden.

2) Major social media platforms like YouTube, Yahoo and Facebook are in the ambit of WP Rocket.

  • Page Caching

1) Creates ultra – fast load time.

2) Improving Search Engine Optimization.

In addition to these there are slew of features that is nailed in WP Rocket like Quick Setup, Page Caching, Sitemap Preloading, Database Optimization, Browser Caching, Lazy Load, Minification, Mobile Detection, E – Commerce Friendly, White Label, Multi – Lingual Compatibility, CDN etc.

4) How to integrate WP Rocket to WordPress Website?

You need to adhere these steps accordingly-

  • Download WP Rocket plugin.

1) Make a hit to https://wp-rocket.me

2) Select most suitable package according to your requirement.

3) Place an order, once completed you can download zip file.

  • Remove W3 Total Cache

1) WordPress usually incorporated W3 Total Cache with it and you first need to uninstall that to avoid ambiguity.

  • Installation of Downloaded package

1) In your WordPress area, under Add Plugin, hit Upload Plugin.

2) Click choose file and make you way to in downloaded zip file.

3) Click install now.

  • Configuring the installed package

1) Once WP Rocket is active Page Caching, Browser Caching and GZIP would be activated by default.

2) Lazy load and minification can be enabled in the basic option tray and should be checked accordingly in logged out window.

3) For developers there is advanced option tray available and users can optimise WP Rocket in the choice of their own.

4) WP Rocket serves you with Bot that artificially intelligent enough to help you out in case of any query, but it occupies significant server processing resources, it is advised to disable it for optimum performance. 🙂


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