Tips for Writing Better Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are usually no more than 100 words, yet they cause so many headaches for business owners. This is the first chance you have to speak to a prospective customer. If you don’t get it right, they’re going to disappear into the sunset. We’re going to go through some tips for writing better product descriptions below. As long as you have a fantastic product, these tips will make it sell.

How to Writing Better Product Descriptions

How to Writing Better Product Descriptions

Writing Better Product Descriptions

Don’t Bore Us with the Technical

Unless you’re selling a graphics card, the technical readout really isn’t something you should have in a product description. Put it in the form of a table below the description. The reality is this stuff is boring and the majority of people probably don’t care.

What does it do?

You would be surprised at how often businesses write product descriptions only to not explain what the product is going to do. Explain how it’s going to change the person’s life. Don’t invent something revolutionary and then not explain what it does.

How is it going to solve a Problem?

The product description should be about the person buying the product, as opposed to about the product itself. It really doesn’t matter what something does if it doesn’t solve a problem that your target audience has.

State the problem and then reveal how buying what you are selling is going to change that. You can do this in as little as two sentences. This works whether you’re addressing a well-known problem or, like in many cases, a problem many people don’t realize they have.

Speak in the Second Person

The use of ‘you’ throughout the description makes a big difference. It instantly becomes about them. If you speak in the second person, it’s like you’re speaking directly to the individual. The problem with the first person is you’re making it about you. You’re not selling to yourself. The third person makes the same description seem cold and robotic. It’s too formal and you’re not making that personal connection.

When Technical Details Matter!!

Yes, yes, we know we just told you not to include them above. But there’s one exception. Telling someone about the dimensions and shipping weight doesn’t matter, but if the details provide an impression of quality you can never include too many of them.

Let’s say you’re selling a pair of shoes. The ‘molded EVA cushion mid sole means absolutely nothing. But telling people that the ‘molded EVA cushion midsole provides all-day underfoot comfort’ changes everything. It solves a problem and produces an impression of quality.

Hire a Professional

If this seems too tough, or you just don’t have the time to learn, there’s nothing wrong with calling in a professional writer to complete your product descriptions for you. A product description writing service does cost, but they will always come up with better results than a novice.

With these tips in mind, though, you have everything you need to move forward with your business. Publish enticing product descriptions with great products and watch your conversion rate soar!

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