The Zenkit Suite Expands With “Zenforms” – An Easier Way to Design Forms and Surveys

Today, The Zenkit group is reporting the introduction of “Zenforms”, the 6th application to join Zenkit’s Productivity Suite. “Zenforms” offers clients a unique approach to associating with others with the assistance of structure, study, and test creation.

With a list of accommodating elements, including copied information checking and planning assets, Zenforms is the subsequent stage in spanning the association among groups and individuals who make the biggest difference to them.

Zenkit Suite Expands With Zenforms

Zenforms goes past just gathering input to empower organizations to interface with their representatives on a more private level. Organization correspondence has been perhaps the most troublesome regions for organization to oversee during the pandemic, as remote working immediately dominated.

The pandemic, as per Geert Jacobs, has featured the requirement for “straightforward, succinct, and clear correspondence”. Organizations can utilize Zenforms to find out about their workers’ actual sentiments, and representatives are bound to share realizing they can answer secretly.

As per Zenkit CEO Martin Welker, “straightforward” correspondence likewise alludes to “safe correspondence,” and he stresses the significance of Zenforms being GDPR agreeable in the computerized age: “On the grounds that Zenforms can be sent and utilized by anybody, it’s important that everybody in question sees how their information is being taken care of.”

Zenforms works on the connection among organizations and their clients by giving them a voice and going about as a conversational medium. Forms can be handily made and shared on the web (or implanted into a site) to acquire important experiences into the needs, requirements, and assumptions for clients.

Organizations can convey intentional headways without coding on account of moment cautions, functional information the executives and investigation, and profound mix with the remainder of the Zenkit Suite.

With Zenforms, clients can get to.

  • Strong GDPR-agreeable information security.
  • Incorporation with the Zenkit Suite, what shares a solitary stage to give a more extravagant feeling of information connection and admittance to much greater usefulness devices and applications.
  • 9 different input controls, permitting you to look over adding dates, drawings, checkboxes, references, and the sky is the limit from there!
  • Versatile prepared, meaning you can organize in a hurry.
  • Make structures from existing information found in the Zenkit Suite, like your Collections in Zenkit Base.
  • Filtered lists for further developed tracking of data.
  • Email support for sending forms and overviews and getting quick reports.
  • Duplicated data checks to guarantee all information is applicable and intelligible without gambling with the unwavering quality of your gathered information.
  • Incorporated booking assets.
  • Sub-structures for additional layers of information assortment and sharing.

ZENFORM – Design Easy and Powerful Forms

Lets Your Users Take A Stand.

Zenforms is a straightforward yet strong structure developer to get any data you need: draw in with your local area, gather smart information for the following item send off, get significant criticism from clients, or gather email addresses for the organization pamphlet.

Improved Decisions Due to Improved Data.

Improve understanding into your continuous tasks and the assessments of every one of those included.

Work on the nature of your administration with significant input on highlights, discharges, and other helpful ideas!

Multi-Level Forms

Gather significantly more data with sub-forms. Sub-forms permit you to ask more inside and out inquiries about a complicated situation and further develop information assortment, similar to a booking with a list of people, or a receipt with a rundown of items.

Full-Page or Embedded

You can make independent structures in a single tick without the requirement for your own site.

Or then again, you can utilize an “iframe” to implant a structure on your current website.


Whether you’re in a hurry or at your work area, Zenforms permits you to make, alter, and distribute shapes regardless of your area or screen size.

Zenforms likewise gives disconnected and local application support.

Connect with the Zenkit Suite

Zenforms is important for the Zenkit Suite. That implies you can involve the aftereffects of your structure in different items like Base.

Structures can likewise be made for any current Collection in the Zenkit universe.


The Zenkit stage is an Enterprise-grade foundation including Access-the executives (Roles, Groups), Provisioning (SCIM), Identity Management (SAML, 2FA), Audits, and the sky is the limit from there.

GDPR Compliant.

Zenforms is focused on the guidelines innate in the GDPR.

All information is handled by the standards of Article 5.1-2, guaranteeing straightforwardness with all information use.

Pricing and Plans

Zenforms has a free, limited degree of service, and two choices for paid plans. The free form allows you to make however many assortments as you need, and you can have up to 100 Responses/Month. Moreover, each record can have up to five individuals. The free version additionally accompanies 500 Total Responses, which is really liberal.

Zenforms Plus is the principal level of paid service, and it costs 588 € per individual each year. It would work out to be € 49 per individual each month on the off chance that there was a choice to pay month to month, yet there isn’t.

Zenforms Plus likewise allows you to make however many assortments as you need, and you can have up to 10.000 Total Responses.

You get 30 Forms of extra room for attachments, and you can have up to 3 users in the record. The Plus account additionally gives you early admittance to new highlights, and the capacity to tweak the appearance of your record with a custom foundation or marked symbols.

How Does Zenkit Work?

Basically, Zenkit gives you an on the web, cooperative space to coordinate things. Things can be anything you desire, from undertakings to thoughts. To every single item, you can add a portrayal, due date, trustee, and other data.

You start by making spaces for Teams, and inside those Teams, you make Collections of things. Each Zenkit client additionally gets a performance space for making private Collections.

To begin another Collection, you need to pick a configuration: kanban, calculation sheet, schedule, mind map, or “new,” which simply makes a rundown of course. In the event that you’re coming to Zenkit from another application, you can import information from CSV documents and from Trello. Things imported from Trello show up in a kanban load up as a matter of course, however you can switch the view whenever.

How you decide to manage Zenkit past that is altogether dependent upon you. You could utilize it to sort out thoughts, monitor undertakings that should be done, oversee work processes with a group, etc.

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