5 Features that Whatsapp misses

Features that Whatsapp misses

When Whatsapp was introduced it took the nation by storm with all its coolest features. People felt socializing couldn’t have been better but with the passing time some loopholes are popping out which is making some ardent follower of Whatsapp shifting to some other socializing apps. Whatsapp has some interesting features like updating some interesting status like Battery about to die, sleeping and Can’t talk, whatsapp only among some usual ones. Then you can also change the background of your chat so that you don’t get bored of staring at the same thing day in day out. Keeping a back up of some of the important conversation is another feature for which Whatsapp is famous for and it also helps you to save the photos that are shared by your friends on Whatsapp.

features that Whatsapp misses

But with the introduction of several other apps Whatsapp is losing out in popularity among the youth. The reasons for this are below.

5 Features that Whatsapp misses :-

1. It’s not free :-

There are other social apps which are absolutely free for lifetime but whatsapp has a minimal charge attached to it after you use it for one year. So this is one of the main reasons for this app to lose out in the popularity race.

2. Absence of free Voice Call :-

Most of us love to talk endlessly, boys would boast about the cool gadget they got and girls love to talk about the new branded bag she bought but as there is a phone bill attached therefore we prefer to cut it short. Many apps have come out with free voice call but this feature is missing in Whatsapp messenger.

3. Expanding your network is not possible :-

In one of the apps you will get this look feature where you can look beyond your network service and connect with other users in the particular area and connect with them.

4. Group video chatting is not available :-

Though Whatsapp has the feature of group chat but video chatting is not there. When you can see the persons you are talking to then it adds that personal touch to it and chatting and sharing becomes much more fun. Maybe you haven’t met that person for long but at least being able to see them through video will make the conversation much more special.

5. Emoticons :-

Whatsapp is famous for its emoticons but WeChat have taken it to the next level as you are free to choose any image of your choice and then convert it, save it and then send it in the form of emoticon. This feature is really catching up with everybody and is growing the popularity chart.

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Conclusion :-

So now when you want to download some app for your android first go through the pros and cons and see which one will suit you and your requirements. Downloading socializing apps not only depends on what extra features it provides instead it depends on where your all friends are and that is the main parameter of joining the social messenger.

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