5 Lessons I Learnt from Blogging

Lessons Learnt from Blogging

Blogging is today one of the best ways to make money online. Many people are making 6 figure income from blogging. You have read many articles about how to make money online and I am not going to explain all the ways to make money from blogging in this post. I am going to share my experiences and the things that I have learnt from blogging.

Lessons Learnt from Blogging

Actually, I never planned to be a blogger. I choose blogging just for time pass and now blogging is part of my life.  Now, I am a full time blogger and relying on blogging for bread and butter. I have learnt a lot from blogging in my two years of blogging journey and today I am here with you all to share 5 lessons I learnt from blogging.

Get to know Your Readers:

Each and every blogger out there is known to float their respective blogs with the sole objective of gaining popularity in the blogging arena specifically among blog readers for that matter. In order to succeed as a blogger it is absolutely vital for you to operate in sync with the likes, preferences and expectations of your current as well as to be readers. Hence, the first lesson you need to take with regards to blogging is to make it a point to totally satisfy all your readers. If this is done, you will essentially be in a position to survive the cut throat competition without a tad bit of difficulty.

Keep Your Eyes Wide Open:

Many a times bloggers go ahead and put forth content that they deem fit for display on the public platform without paying heed to the operations of their counterparts in general. In the process, they end up settling for topics and content that lacks the much needed public appeal. It is crucial for bloggers to keep their eyes open and thoroughly go through the blogs of other successful bloggers so as to be able to come out as a strong player in the field of blogging. This approach will also help you to take preventive measures before any major damage is done to your blog’s or your image.

Lessons Learnt from Blogging

Keep the Flow Going:

Gone are the days when blogging was all about choosing any topic at random and providing information and other general facts associated with the same. With the changing times, it has become essential for bloggers to maintain a flow in their blog write ups. Moreover, consistency has become the key. Your success as a blogger is guaranteed only if you go ahead and settle down for a genre in particular. This genre would eventually act as central pillar for your blog, around which you can then develop your content and play with the words. Similarly, you would be in a better position to keep your readers hooked to your blog.

Present Clear & Crisp Content:

In order to win the hearts of a good number of blog readers out there it is of critical importance for you to stick to meaningful content to a larger extent. However, making available informative content is not the end. Moreover, you need to go that extra mile and present the content in a clear and crisp format. Similarly, it is equally vital for you to turn your back on flowery language and instead go the uncomplicated way. If this is done, there are high chances of you attracting both fresh as well as seasoned readers.

Promotion is a Must:

As you all must be very well aware competition has reached its peak in the blogging community of late. This is exactly why staying put with the traditional approach is not going to suffice. Even if you have taken full care while preparing the write up, success may or may not follow depending on your luck as well as other related circumstances. If success is what you wish to taste, then in that case it is a must for you to take your blog promotion seriously. You can take baby steps by initially leaving comment on other active blogs or even being active on a number of popular social platforms so as to continuously be in the limelight.

So,Here I m explaining the Lessons what I learnt from my past experience from blogging. So Friends Enjoy Blogging and if you have any question then free to ask by commenting below.

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  • A very knowledgeable article. It would help me to maintain my new blog . Very nice tips you have mentioned . thnx for sharing this 🙂

  • I’m new blogger , so, dont know too much and this one is awesome post , A very informative post for me. Thnx for sharing this.

  • Hello Harshil, I have read some of your interview on another blogs. According to you how much time after which a blogger can make money from his blogs. Please tell me in details, that how much page view per day, is required after that a new blogger can think to monetize his blog(like adsense, or any other advertising networks.)