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The Advantages of a Multi-Technology Security ID Card

Investing in security is all about safety. When you consider that whatever system you implement will be protecting your employees, other personnel, as well as company assets, it isn’t difficult to realize that you need the best defences available.

Multi-Technology Security ID Card

As with any purchase, however, doesn’t always mean that you can simply spend more money and receive the best product. Sometimes the best security solution is one that has proven to be extremely versatile and effective, but is also affordable.

1] The Benefit of Security ID Cards

A complete security ID card printing system offer just this kind of solution to small businesses. When you use a security technology that’s as versatile as a PVC identity card, the advantages seem almost endless.

You might say that there is one great advantage and that is that they are able to incorporate so many kinds of technology within one easy system. But when it comes to security, all technologies are not created equal, so here is a list of the most popular features that employ this kind of system.

2] Proximity Card Reading

Proximity card reading is a technology that allows contactless communication between a PVC identity card and a computerized system that is able to read its encrypted digital information and grant access to the card-holder.

One of the main benefits of this technology is to allow personnel to access sensitive locations with greater speed. You can make your business more secure with HID proximity cards by simply getting in touch with a company that offers security solutions such as supplying security ID printers and complete printing systems.

3] Magnetic Stripe

When you’re operating a company with a great number of employees or visitors, proximity cards and magnetic stripes can save an enormous amount of time.

While proximity reading has largely replaced magnetic stripes on a day-to-day basis, the reliability and ease of this technology continue to make it relevant in PVC cards of all types today. The ability to record data on a magnetic tape is actually over one hundred years old, hitting a peak in popularity in the 1960s.

4] Holographic Imaging

Because PVC is such a versatile material, it allows for card to be created that can contain digital information, which is readable in a variety of formats. Simultaneously, such cards can also be printed with text containing employee information, high-resolution graphics, and holographic imaging.

The main purpose of holographic imaging is to prevent your security ID cards from being compromised by counterfeiting.

5] Used in a Wide Variety of Industries

Due to the combination of effective security, technological versatility, and affordability, PVC security ID cards are used in an extraordinarily wide number of industries. Some of these include.

  • Hospitals
  • Emergency Services.
  • Hotel Key Cards
  • Airport Security
  • Construction Sites.

Unlike many kinds of security PVC ID cards allow you to choose between a variety of methods of encoding and reading encrypted digital data. Besides giving you options, this allow a backup system. If you’d like to learn more about how security ID cards function and how you can purchase an ID card printer, contact a supplier today.

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