Amazon Coupons and Promotions are Key to the Retail Giant’s Phenomenal Growth

Amazon is the most popular online store in the US, with net revenue increasing more than 25% each year. This is staggering growth. How does Amazon attract more byers each year? Trust and convenience are two things the giant retailer exudes for sure. But low prices and deals are two equally important features that Amazon has as part of its core values. In fact, discounts, coupons and deals are key to Amazon’s phenomenal growth over the years.

The Online Retail Market: Amazon Coupon and Deals

Amazon Coupons and Promotions

The online retailer boasts the formidable combination of swift service delivery, lower prices and a wide selection; it’s no wonder it’s doing so well. Most shoppers like it because it’s convenient and you get whatever you need. Everybody loves to shop on The online retailer has over 244 million customers. With such numbers, you can say Amazon is the biggest online shopping mall.

How does Amazon help its customers save money? Through many different ways.

For example, Amazon Prime subscribers get many sweet deals. They get free 2-day shipping and access to a catalogue of free TV shows, streaming movies and e-books. Prime subscribers get all this and more at $99/year.

From electronics and books to toys and jewelry, discounts are a major part of Amazon’s business model that is the foundation of the store’s impressive growth. Let’s see in more detail what type of discounts and promotions Amazon offers.

1) Amazon coupons 

These are spread out through the site and can save you a good deal of money if you land more than a few for different items you have been eyeing. There are two types of Amazon coupons; “click and
save” and “digitally clipped” coupons.

Click and save 

You can find coupons that require you to click on a certain link for your discount to be added to your account. The coupons won’t do you much good when it comes to specific products but will make a lot of sense when you see the discounts on Amazon services.

2) Coupons you can digitally clip

There are literally thousands of digital coupons to get savings from on Amazon. The coupon savings are added automatically to the purchase when you buy. Thankfully, Matt has published an article with the latest Amazon coupons.

The coupons can also be found on the coupon section on Amazon. If you are wondering if there is a coupon section, you are not alone, this section can be hard to find but has lots of coupons. Popular categories include home & kitchen, grocery, prime pantry, pet
supplies, beauty, electronics, and toys.

To clip coupons, simply find the item you are interested in and click on “clip coupon.” The coupon will be added to youraccount automatically so that it is used when you make the purchase.

3) Subscribe and save 

The program offers you thousands of discounts on different kinds of every day products. Every customer can agree that these save you time, even though there are those who don’t think it saves you that much
money. The program can save you up to 15% on your entire purchase, depending on the items you select.

“Subscribe and save” works for household products that you use a lot. The item will be delivered to your house on a regular schedule as per your specifications. It works well for items like detergent, dippers, and such. Your subscription will earn you a better discount if you subscribe to 5 items or more, which takes the discount up to 15%.

4) Save on shipping 

Save on shipping

Amazon offers Super Saver Shipping, which applies for most items over $25 for those who are not prime members. The packages ordered on “super saver” usually take a week to be delivered. Since you can only save for items above $25 dollars if you wanted something below the price, you would have to add another item to qualify for the discount. It’s a catch since you probably don’t need one item and you’re just buying to get the discount. This is where it pays to be a Prime member, you don’t spend anything on shipping.

5) Buy used 

Buying used items on Amazon is one way to make major savings. If you are
going for an item like a console, book, or DVD, you might want to check the “buy used” section. If you don’t mind reading a book after someone is done with it, you can end up saving up to 50% of the price. These deals have enormous savings and sometime you can buy an item for less than half its retail price.

6) Amazon Visa

This is ideal for people who shop on Amazon a lot. If you find that you are always going to Amazon for stuff you need, why not make it count for some savings? The Amazon Visa is a savings tool that gets you a gift card worth 3% of your monthly spending on the site.

If you are using the Amazon Visa, you’ll get better discounts if you restrict use to Amazon only. When the gift card is ready, it pops up just as you are about to leave the site informing you of your free credit to be used on whatever you like.

7) Use deal tracking sites

Deal tracker sites are a good way to find out about price drops on the site, which happen very often. The prices on Amazon are always going up or down. A deal tracker site like alerts you then an item you are tracking drops in price. You also get a lot of price information from such sites which helps you decide whether to buy or wait for the price to drop further.

With such deals available, you should be able to take advantage of at least one. There are saving strategies as well, which show you ingenious ways to save from multiple deals. 🙂

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