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Local Recruiters Tips on How to Start a New Career [+Career Mistakes You Must Avoid]

If you aren’t satisfied with your current job, sooner or later you will start thinking about changing your job. But is it easy?

How to Start a New Career

First of all think about professional resume writing. Needed job might be very competitive to get it. What should you do? Here are several tips Resume Writing Lab got during the interview with local recruiters that will help you find the job of your dream.

#1 Create Your Own Brand

During a job interview, you represent yourself. The first impression is extremely important. You have to show your best sides and prove that you are a suitable candidate for a needed job. Every extra task is an opportunity to show yourself from a positive side. Try to avoid negative thinking. Be confident and open to everything new.

#2 You Need to Earn Your Stripes

It isn’t the best way to start a new career with own demands. It will only cause disrespect to you. Only when you bring something to the table you can ask for some changes to make your work more comfortable.

#3 Set Boundaries at the Beginning

Why boundaries are so important? Because it also influences your comfortable work. Tell at the beginning how many hours you are ready to work, what schedule is appropriate for you. It will help prevent misunderstanding with your colleagues and boss in the future.

#4 Stick to Your Knitting

There are might be a lot of gossipers, slackers and jealous people in your new working environment. It will be very wise to avoid to be involved in their conversations. It can ruin your reputation. Doing your work correctly is the best way to show yourself on a new job.

#5 Not All Tasks Are Required

During your work time, you will get a lot of tasks. But not all of them are important. You have to know how to differentiate received tasks to save your time and stay productive.

#6 Time Management Increases Your Productivity

Time management teaches how to do your regular work for less period of time.  It is a very useful skill even for your everyday life. When you do your work faster, you have more time to make extra money.  So it is very needed to learn basic time management and use it in real life.

#7 If You Ask Questions, You Show That You Are Interested

If you start a new career, it’s obvious that a lot of things you don’t know. You shouldn’t be afraid of asking your colleagues and your boss. It is way better to get an explanation and do your work correctly than make mistakes and after spend time to correct them.

#8 Your Boss Needs to Be Informed About Your Reformed Work

How your boss can evaluate you if he doesn’t know what you have done. It would be good to report your boss about performing work every day or week. Knowing about your performed amount of work, he or she will always know for what you get money.

#9 Being a Part of Your Team Plays a Huge Role in Your Success

When you are a part of your team, you always can count on their help and it will make your working process simpler Make sure that your colleagues can always rely on you as well.  Be ready to help your team members. Your teammates are your second family and it’s highly important to work in a friendly environment.

As experience shows, it is important to avoid professional mistakes or, at least, learn from them to get ahead in your career.

There are a variety of mistakes we make in the workplace: beginning with those minor like being late all the time and ending with some more significant like quarreling with the stuff. In any case, every mistake can be corrected.

Five Common Mistakes People Often Make at Work

Career Mistakes You Must Avoid


#1 Missing Deadlines

Why are deadlines so important? Missing a deadline once is acceptable for any worker, even the most experienced one. However, if an employee fails to deliver work on time several times in a row, he will get a reputation for being unreliable.

To avoid missing a deadline, make sure you are able to complete a task by the set date. Don’t be afraid to say no if you understand that you have no time. If possible, ask for additional time to do your task in time.

#2 Working Too Much

If you are thinking that working more can make a better impression on your boss, you may be mistaken. In most cases, work is not about the number of hours spent on it but quality.

There may be plenty of reasons why you are working too much including a desire for promotion, missing a deadline, blurring the line between personal and professional and so on.

A lack of healthy inspiration often results in getting burned out. A better idea might be to take a day off, improve the work-life balance to increase the effectiveness of your work.

#3 Fear of Networking

Giving up on networking often means losing an opportunity to move up the career ladder. If you are thinking that career growth is exclusively a question of professionalism, you might be a little wrong. Today, many professionals achieve success in their field through contacts.

By the way, some people think that burning bridges is something usual but you never know where your business opportunities may come from. No matter what is your industry, it is important to maintain professional relationships with colleagues, partners, and mentors.

Getting a recommendation, asking for advice, promoting your products or services are some of the most basic reasons to stay in touch with your professional network.

#4 Giving Up on Learning

Similar to the above mentioned mistake, many professionals give up on learning. Every job requires constant learning, implementation of innovations, self-development and so on. If you stop moving, you start stagnating or, even worse, regressing.

This makes a professional unsuitable for a position. To avoid such a mistake, you need to be highly adaptable, stay curious and keep a finger on the pulse of your business. Some practical tips include listening to podcasts, reading books, and watching the news.

#5 Repeating the Same Mistake

Making mistakes in your career is simply unavoidable. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Learning from your own mistakes usually leads to higher career level.

So, what to do if you are keeping repeat the same mistake over and over again? First, you need to spot the mistake and acknowledge it. Second, try to learn from this mistake and avoid it on your career path.

Another way to avoid repeating the same mistake is by developing a deep understanding of your industry and trusting your intuition. One might think that intuition has nothing to do with making business decisions but knowledge always comes hand in hand with feelings.


No matter how many mistakes you made in your career, you can still achieve success. Try to focus on your accomplishments and dreams. The more motivated you are, the quicker you will get move up your career ladder or find the better job.

Starting a new career is always an exciting moment. Sometimes you can doubt your abilities or can have some difficulties because of lack of experience, knowledge and so on. But on the other hand, a new job IT career path will bring you a new experience and give an opportunity to develop new skills.

Also, new people in your life can change your lifestyle completely. So be confident and take pleasure from your new job.

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