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Anson Qiu He Nan: Bio, Profile, Education, Career, Girlfriend, Family, Awards

Anson Qiu He Nan is a Chinese television and film actor and model who has been active in the Chinese entertainment scene since 2017. His supporters typically refer to him as Anson, which is his English name. He debuted in the 2017 drama “Dragon Day, You’re Dead”. In this article, we will discuss more about Anson Qiu He Nan’s Biography, Education, Career, Girlfriend, Family, and Awards.

Anson Qiu He Nan Biography

Bio, Education, and Family

Qiu Henan was born on February 4, 1997 in Beijing. His English name is Anson. His other names are Qiu Shi Jie, Qiu He Nan, Qiu Henan, and Qiu Shijie. Anson Qiu studied at the Beijing Film Academy. The media is currently unaware of any details concerning his early schooling or lifestyle. We will update this story as soon as the actor discloses more about himself. Qiu Henan enjoys basketball and esports. His favorite basketball player is Allen Iverson. His favorite actor is Jiang Wen.


We are not sure if he is in a relationship with anyone as the actor likes to keep his life private for security and safety purposes. But as soon as the actor announces it officially we will update the article with full details. It’s a rumor that Anson is in a relationship with Chinese actress Hou Pei Shan. They both worked together in the famous TV series Dragon Day, You’re Dead (TV Series 2017–2022).


Anson Qiu He Nan made his official acting debut in 2017 as an actor in the Chinese television entertainment business with the TV series “Dragon Day, You’re Dead” He has continued to pursue his acting profession since then. He worked on several projects simultaneously in television and movies.

Psych Hunter is a psychological drama based on Er Shi San’s novel “Haunted Houses Handbook” from the Republican era. The play is directed by the renowned director of “Tomb of the Sea,” Li Ze Lu. His vision and skill in building a mysterious world filled with imaginations contributed to the appeal of this paranormal story. Psych Hunter combines very clever investigating approaches with conventional psychoanalysis. Add to that the fact that one of the major characters, “Jiang Chou,” is well knowledgeable in Geomancy (Feng Shui) as well as the technique of investigating the psyche, or Zhuyoushu, and this programme truly brings the Republican Era to life. This age was marked by folkloric mysticism and morbid beliefs that were firmly embedded in society. This play highlights their influence on the broader people.

Jiang Shuo buys and sells haunted dwellings. He meets Qin Yiheng, a psychologist seeking for his father, and Yuan Muqing, the daughter of a warlord. They team together to face strange powers. Jiang Shuo (Neo Hou) is the sole survivor of seven people who were lured to a secluded island to compete in a game to the death. A year later, a young hoodlum named Jiang Shuo emerges in the port town of Changshanzhou, where he sells real estate. He has amnesia but is quite knowledgeable about the occult. Qin Yifeng (Liu Dongqin) receives a letter with the countdown to Jiang Shuo’s death and a group photo. He has no idea who Jiang Shuo is, but the six-finger seal on the envelope catches his eye. When Qin Yifeng’s father and three others went missing a year ago, they each got invitations with six-finger seals. Qin Yifeng recognises everyone in the photo except one, so he becomes motivated to find the sole clue that would bring him back to his father. Jiang Shuo may employ zhuyoushu to infiltrate someone else’s psychological time and space. With just a limited amount of time and threats from a person’s psyche’s defence systems, Jiang Shuo puts himself in grave danger every time he attempts to gather evidence that would assist them expose the genius who is orchestrating things from the background. Fortunately, Qin Yiheng’s psychological brilliance and female constable Yuan Muqing’s (Zhu Xudan) combat abilities are ready to support him.

Stray Birds is a Chinese drama about the lives of two IT college graduates, Su Xiaoman (Xu Lu) and Wu Yue (Gao Zhiting), who fall in love at first sight. The seeds of love and revenge blossomed in the two’s hearts.During the same time period, both were hired for the programme through a high-profile college recruitment process. Su Xiaoman unintentionally signed up for the reality programme “Geek Madman” and got motivated to design an APP on her own. They collaborate with Wu Yue, Lin Shaoting, and Zhang Jiang to build the app. The world’s top 500 and well-known IT business, NBI, organised a large-scale employment fair at the institution. The fair drew a large crowd, including Wu Yue, a PhD student whose parents died and is now responsible for his younger brother. Another one is Lin Shao Ting (played by Qiu Henan), a wealthy second-generation student who is compelled to return to China owing to drag racing. Su Xiao Man is a student from a high-achieving and remarkable family. These students, among many others, gathered here to participate in this event, which drew the attention of industry leaders and well-known lecturers. Wu, Lin, Su, and others were all accepted into NBI’s half-year internship programme after a special group interview. This group of young and skilled IT professionals who have recently entered the field receives demanding internships. They do it while managing competition and complicated interpersonal interactions. As they become more interested in entrepreneurship and confront the challenges of love, affection, and friendship, they evolve, develop, and embark on their new lives with enthusiasm.

Dragon Day, You’re Dead Season 3 is a Zhou Yao Yi Kuan-directed young love web drama starring Qiu Henan, Hou Peisan, Bai Huizi, and Su Yuhang, with Zhang Shuangli, Liu Wei, Liu Yucui, and Long Mei also appearing. The plot focuses around Zhang Jingmei, who recently graduated from school and married the erratic young master Long Riyi haphazardly. After graduation, Zhang Jingmei, an ordinary straight-A student, confronts the burden of obtaining a career, while she is torn between marrying the domineering and undisciplined young master Long Riyi and living a “happy life like a prince and a princess” with envy of others. However, the luxurious life and the route to the workplace are not as easy as planned, and the wedding pair is “thrown” a reality test after another. When the young master Long Riyi leaves the ivory tower of the academy and begins to integrate into society. He and Zhang Jingmei face the fresh new exam together; one after another, challenging challenges will be waiting for them to tackle.


  • Xing He Ban Shi Cu (2023)
  • A Date With the Future (2023)
  • Dragon Day, You’re Dead Season 3 (2022)
  • Overworking Man (2021)
  • Stray Birds (2021)
  • Psych-Hunter (2020)
  • The Locked Room (2019)
  • Dragon Day, You’re Dead Season 2 (2018)
  • Dragon Day, You’re Dead (2017)


  • Shen Mi Shi Zhe: Mo Hua Yi Yun (2018)
  • Mysterious Envoy (2018)

TV Show

  • Real Actor (2019)
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