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11 Best Finance Apps That Business Owners Swear By

Best Finance Apps for All Business Owners. One of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs and owners of small business face is effective management of their finances. For many technocrats or marketing-savvy business owners, financial management can be quite formidable and often they might not possess the requisite expertise.

The usual practice to overcome this limitation is to take the assistance of a competent accountant or manager, however this may not always be possible due to economic limitations. Strange as it may sound, the smartphone can be the basis for providing necessary assistance in business financial management.

There are literally hundreds of financial management apps that let business owners take control of their business finances conveniently and extremely easily. Take a look at some of the top-rated finance apps for business owners.

Best Finance Apps to Run Your Business

Best Finance Apps

Best Finance Apps

Top-Rated Finance apps for business owners


Mint is a free app available on the iOS and Android platforms that can handle money and financial management including budgeting and online banking. Business owners can keep an eye on the state of their finances wherever they are as well as track business cash flows and conduct essential budgeting tasks. The app comes from that is an established online resource for money management.


Divvy modernizes business finance by combining expense management software and smart corporate cards into a single platform. With Divvy, finance leaders from companies across the United States get real-time visibility into their company spend and flexible controls that prevent teams from ever going over budget.

By providing the capital and financial software they need, Divvy helps businesses in every industry to thrive. Divvy was recently acquired by for $2.5 billion, creating a one-stop-shop for over 15,000 small and medium-sized business customers.


OfficeTime that is available only on the iOS platform costs a paltry $7.99 but packs in a lot of punch with features that let business owners automatically generate reports and invoices as well as allow them to monitor all income and outflows. The app makes a lot of paperwork associated with these functions redundant with its easy to use and intuitive interface.

OfficeTime Finance App


The app also has a great feature for those who provide services as it can keep track of billable hours and can also monitor team projects.


Expensify is a free app that works on all popular smartphone platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone and even BlackBerry. The user-friendly app permits keeping records of all receipts and expenses making it easy to track the financial state of the business 24×7.

The forte of the app is generation of expense reports that are extremely clear and easy to comprehend. The app can also track mileage and link it with credit cards so that you have a clear picture of what’s happening at all times.

Manilla – Bills and Reminders

Manila is available free of charge and works on two of the most popular smartphone operating environments, iOS and Android. The app has been rated among the best for bill management. It lets you organize all your bills, invoices, statements digitally and you can set up alarms to enable it to remind you to pay them before the due date.

So that you can avoid needless expense in late fee charges. The app will send out the alert via email as well as a text message making it impossible for you miss it or ignore it.

Manilla – Bills and Reminders App

Manilla – Bills and Reminders


Using Manilla to consolidate your accounts can liberate you from the painful task of keeping and tracking paper copies of bills. You can now just with a few simple button presses view your records and access all your bills on the phone whenever and wherever you want.

The app supports more than 3,000 bill issuers and the list continues to grow by the day. The Custom Accounts function of the app also enables you to manage specific accounts like your rent, bank accounts, credit cards, or even your laundry or baby sitting service.The app also lets you access top debt settlement review at your convenience.


FreshBooks is a free app available on iOS and Android smartphones that provides cloud accounting solutions for business owners. The app got excellent rankings for its easy to use accounting solutions from users in more than 120 countries all over the world. The app delivers solutions to take care of all the requirements of accounting and financial management that a business has.

This includes expense tracking, bookkeeping and business cash flow monitoring, besides other handy functions. One of the main reasons for the popularity of the app is that it allows users to access and edit information on the go, round the clock.

QuickBooks Online

Quickbooks Online is another very popular app for financial management that is available free of charge on iOS and Android. The app is an extension of the popular QuickBooks software that puts all the features right into your smartphone.

Business owners can create as well as edit customer accounts, generate and track invoices, sales receipts, bills, expenses, cash flows and estimates and quotes. The app is always connected to QuickBooks and automatically syncs with it. all the data is stored on the cloud so even if you lose or damage your smartphone you can rest easy that there is no data loss.

QuickBooks Online App

QuickBooks Online

Accounts 2

Costing a paltry$1.99, Accounts 2 is an iOS app that provides a very good financial management and checkbook monitoring function in your smartphone. The app has all the features that allow business owners to manage the finances of their business as well as their own.

The banking interface lets you lose your checkbook forever as now you can make all payments to suppliers and vendors electronically through mobile banking.

The app lets you schedule financial transactions, store receipt images, transfer funds, export data, reconcile accounts, generate and view reports.

Business owners can just set up the account and record all the transactions – the app will keep on calculating the available balance so that you stay on top of your finances. The app also lets up set up transactions that are to be repeated at set intervals. The app is rated high for its clean and user-friendly interface.


Even though virtually everybody except tax consultants find filing tax returns completely hateful there’s no escaping it. Teaspiller comes to the rescue once you decide to stop deferring the day of reckoning.

Business owners can use the tools provided in the app to connect with tax professionals that can be chosen based on the requirements of the business and any special skill profile.

An advance quote can be requested so that you are saved from unexpected surprises. Teaspiller is extremely handy for those who do not have a clue about business and personal taxation and are at a loss to find competent advice.

Teaspiller App

Teaspiller Finance App


This is a very handy financial management app for small businesses that cannot afford the expense of accountants to keep tabs on the daily income and expenses of the business.

InDinero pulls in information from all sources including bank accounts and credit car accounts of the business owner to give reports that reflect the true picture of the business’s financial health. Apart from the current financial reports, the app can also generate forecasts and suggest appropriate budgeting measures.


Chargify Finance App

Chargify App

For businesses that need to manage online subscriptions, Chargify Finance App is the ideal app that will find a place in the smartphones of business owners. The app has features that enable management of discount coupons and special schemes and offers as well as renewal deadlines and subscription expiry dates.

The pricing is extremely affordable up to 500 customers but gets steeper after that though it may end up being a very small price for the convenience of managing thousands of customers.

You can try the top finance apps mentioned above and manage your finances smoothly.

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