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Best Helmet Brands In India for Men & Women

A helmet serves as your best friend as you hit the road on a two wheeler. It keeps you protected. It guards your head from the scorching sunlight on a bright sunny day and from the downpour on a rainy day.

List Of Best Helmet Brands For Men & Women

Best Helmet Brands In India

However, it is necessary to wear a helmet mainly because it bars the possibility of severe head injury just in case you accidently tumble and bump into something. You can be sure that your head is guarded appropriately only if you pick a helmet from a good brand.

Here is a look at the best helmet brands in India to help you choose the right piece.


Steelbird is one of the most famous helmet brands in India. You can completely trust this brand as it is ISI certified. It has numerous helmet models on offer to match the requirement of different riders. These helmets are made of tough material.

Steelbird Bike Helmet

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These are not only strong enough to guard your head as you ride a two wheeler but also look extremely stylish. Steelbird helmet designs are unique and trendy. Besides being strong and stylish, these helmets are also comfortable. The interiors of these helmets are cushioned to ensure the riders can wear them comfortably for hours.


Wrangler is a well known brand when it comes to helmets in India. If you have been looking for a good quality helmet then you must have definitely come across ones available from this brand.

Wrangler Helmets

The helmets by this brand are tough, durable and reasonably priced. These helmets remain intact even when pressed forcefully against something. They provide complete head protection.


Vega is a popular helmet brand. It has been selling high quality helmets in India for years. It would not be an exaggeration to say that a rider who chooses helmet from this company never looks beyond.

Vega Helmets

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The company has been improving the quality and design of its helmets year after year. It also adds new features to the newer models. For instance, the newer models of Vega do not require flipping the visor manually. You can flip the visor up and down with a push button embedded in the helmet.

All in all, the helmets from this brand boast of good quality, comfort and style.


This Indian brand is known to offer good quality helmets at a cost effective price. Many helmet models are available from the brand. If you are looking for a good helmet under INR 500 then go for Aerostar.

Aerostar Helmet

The company is ISO certified and can thus be trusted completely. Established few years back, Aerostar has managed to create a strong foothold in the market.


Studds is known to manufacture top quality bike helmets that are stylish and sturdy at the same time. It is one of the most loved helmet brands in the country. You will see several bikers on the road wearing different helmet models from Studds.

Studds Helmets

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The company uses high grade material to form the outer layer of their helmets to ensure complete head protection. The inner side of the helmet is padded to ensure it feels soft and comfortable.

These helmets are also scratch resistant so they continue to look good for years.


SMK has launched various helmet models to match the requirement of different riders. The company is dedicated to manufacturing high quality helmets that are an amalgamation of style and safety. These helmets are also extremely comfortable to wear.

SMK Helmets

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Unlike many helmets, the models available from this brand do not bar the airflow as the rider flips down the visor. They offer a good air flow system which is one of the features that has ensured their popularity. The external shell of its newer models is made aerodynamically so as to decrease wind resistance.

HJC Helmets

HJC helmets are readily available in the market. These helmets are known for their tough exteriors and soft interiors. The company makes use of high quality polycarbonate material to ensure their sturdiness.

HJC Helmets India

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The tough external layer of HJC helmets ensures complete head protection while the soft inner layer makes sure you do not feel uneasy as you ride your two-wheeler. Comfort is as important as sturdiness to ensure a safe and smooth ride. This is why these helmets are built to score well on both the parameters.


Autofy helmets have a strong and trendy exterior. The brand keeps coming up with new helmet models regularly. Every new helmet model by Autofy outsmarts its predecessor. This is because the company believes in constant improvisation.

Autofy helmet

Be it the Autofy helmet’s style, quality or comfort – all these have evolved over the time to provide best quality helmets that meet the latest safety standards.

Polycarbonate is the main material used to build this helmet’s exterior. The new models of this brand come with a retractable visor that can be customised as per the rider’s choice.

Royal Enfield Helmets

Royal Enfield - Helmets

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Royal Enfield helmets certainly stand out when it comes to style. They may be costlier but the classy appeal they render is simply unmatched. The helmet models from this brand are mostly open face. These are also known for their robust exterior and cushiony interior that offers safety and comfort at the same time.

THH Helmets

THH is the short for Tong Ho Hsing. This Taiwan brand has been selling helmets in India since quite a few years and has become a known name among bike riders.

THH Bike Helmet

The company uses carbon fiber kevlar in its helmets to ensure high quality. Their helmets are robust and come in various stylish designs. These are made with the use of latest technology.

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