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How to Choose the Best Invoice App for Your Small Business

Installing an invoicing app can be very helpful for small business owners. With a great app on their hand, they can keep track of their business activities no matter where they go. There are plenty of mobile invoice apps out there, but you have to be careful when you want to choose one.

Invoice App for iPhone

Make sure the apps have all the features you want and keep your privacy safe at the same time. To make sure you can choose the best invoice app for iPhone that can support your small business, here are some tips to help you.

1) Friendly Interface Is a Must

User experience is the most important thing for a mobile invoice app. So, check the interface first and make sure it is user-friendly. For the small business, time is money and every single second is precious. You certainly don’t have the time to figure out how the app works because it is poorly designed.

2) How Many Invoices You Need to Send per Month

Unlike invoicing software for PC, most invoice apps for the phone come with very simple features. There are also some that will require payment to unlock more advanced features. Actually, you are free to choose whether you want to pay some extra money or not. There is no right or wrong in this aspect because everything will depend on your needs.

To figure out whether the service of the app is adequate for you, you need to calculate the average invoices you have to generate in a month. After that, check how many invoices the app can handle in one month. If the number clicks, then you might have found the right invoice app for iPhone for you.

However, you also have to consider scalability. One day, your business will grow and you might need to send more invoices. To anticipate this, check whether the app comes with upgrade option or not. Otherwise, you might have to change to another invoice app when your business grows, which definitely will waste your time.

3) Third Party Integration

Third Party Integration

To make sure your clients will pay on time, you have to make the payment process easier for them. This is why the online invoicing service you choose must enable third-party integration. This way, you can put various payment options right on the invoice and your clients can immediately send the payment to you with one simple click.

4) How Your Data Is Stored

Last but not least, you have to consider how your data is stored. There are two options for this. The first one is the data will be stored in your phone storage. It certainly will be a problem if you don’t have plenty of storage, to begin with, but you will be able to access your invoices even without internet connection.

The second option is cloud storage. When your data is stored in a cloud storage, you can access your invoice no matter where you are even though you are not physically touching your phone. But you have to be careful in choosing the service because cloud storage might be less secure.

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