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Best Paying Affiliate Network for Indian Affiliates

The affiliate industry is one of the most profitable ways to work from home. The problem is most of the opportunities are focused on Europe and the United States, which is a bit of a disadvantage for Indian affiliates.

Besides, most of the money making opportunities are already cluttered in these regions with too many experienced competitors. This is why the best profit middle east Affiliate network for India is Arabclicks.

Affiliate Network for Indian Affiliates

The arab community is an evergreen market with way less competition and huge growth opportunities. The best profit arabclicks app targets all Arab countries and citizens.

The account creation for the affiliate program is easy and fast. As a publisher, you can promote all the big tech brands like Apple and Samsung besides other trending electronics.

If you already have a blog, this is a new monetizing opportunity that you just can’t miss. Not only can you target the Indian market, but the entire UAE affiliate network and beyond. There are over 1.8 billion Muslims around the world, making up about 24.1% of the world population.

Best Affiliate Program for Tech Sites In India

Do you have a tech review site with dozens of published articles, but is not generating enough revenue from ads?

Forget low paying advertisers!

Arabclicks pays the highest rate in the market for an audience you know like the palm of your hand.

Multiply your online revenue in just a couple of months by optimizing your existing content.

You don’t have a blog or website?

There is no need to have one! This arab affiliate network is perfect to use on social media accounts like Instagram and Youtube. Become an influencer in your niche.

1] ArabClicks Commissions

Earn up to 80% in commissions from the products you sale. VIP publishers receive exclusive payments even before the merchant certifies the sale.

Payments are fast with a variety of options with payouts twice a month.

2] Support

All affiliates are given a local account manager with real time responses and solutions. They will help with the onboarding process and make sure your payments are setup appropriately.

3] Learn Affiliate Marketing for Indians

New to affiliate marketing? No worries. Arabclicks has an academy section with tips and tricks to make consistently grow your account. Learn how to market the Dubai affiliate network or the different Saudi online marketing opportunities.

4] Tools and Resources

The affiliate platform is one of the most capable in the market. Easily find different merchants and filter out by their commission rate, products, or target markets. Affiliates can also make use of SmartLinks.

SmartLinks are deeplinks that are easy to create with the link convertor tool. Go to the merchants product page and create your very own affiliate link that points directly to the specific product.

Banners and ads are also an option to display around your site. Earn from different revenue programs.

Reports will let you know which products and brands are converting more and which aren’t.

To find useful affiliate marketing tools, you can check out Shane Barker’s list of recommended tools.

5] ArabClicks VIP Program

High performer affiliates will qualify for the VIP Club program. Club members receive higher and faster payouts, receive better offers and work with more exclusive advertisers. Receive personal invitations from GCC to attend marketing and entrepreneur events around the world.

Arabclicks is just the best option right now for Indian affiliates.

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