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How to Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority

Domain authority is a metric number system which tells you the authority and ranking of your website. This number is quite crucial for SEO purposes.

How to Boost Domain Authority of Your Website

How to Boost Your Domain Authority

The greater the domain authority or DA of the website, the higher chances you have of experiencing a higher rank in the search engine results and stronger organic traffic. If you want to find out what your site’s DA is, or any other site, then you can use this tool to find out.

An efficient way to see your website’s DA is through using a reliable domain authority checker.

If you want to increase the domain authority of your website, then here is what you need to do:

1) Pick out a suitable domain name

If you are new to the website business, then you must know that you should choose such a domain name which is relevant to your site. The name should be easy to remember so that customers don’t face a problem when they want to revisit your website because they forgot what your domain name was.

2) Optimize the content you have on your page

Since SEO or Search Engine Optimization is crucial for domain authority, as well as for ranking higher in search engine results (namely Google), you must make sure that your on-page code is optimized. This not only includes the content, but also the image alt tags and the title tags too.

Moreover, you should include a number of variations of the main keywords and keep the permalinks relevant and short. Plus, you should also make a sidebar section for all the new posts. Doing all of these things can help you get a good domain authority checker result.

3) Create such content that is linkable

If you want to earn high-quality links, that too from a number of domains with authority, you must create such content that isn’t only of high-quality but is also published on a consistent basis. You might want to opt for an agency to deal with your linking needs, such as iNet Ventures.

Of course, the better content you put out, the higher possibility there will be of an authoritative site linking to it. This means that the content shouldn’t only be relevant to the audience and the brand you are selling, but it should also be well written, creative, and informative.

4) Improve the linking structure

Internal links assist visitors in many ways; they improve the user experience and help the visitors to find what they are searching for. This means that even if the visitor has found an old post, he or she can easily navigate back to the homepage or a related article with the help of internal links.

With internal links, there will hardly be any case of visitors leaving because of frustration because they’re unable to find other related content on the website. Furthermore, internal links keep visitors engaged and search engines are easily able to index the whole website.

Practical Steps To Improving Your Website's Domain Authority

5) Get rid of all the toxic backlinks

After every few weeks, you must go through the link profile and look for such backlinks that are bad for your website – this is a good guide. As a result, you will be able to get rid of the links from all those sources that can hurt your domain authority instead of improving it.

6) Your website must be mobile-friendly

In this modern era, a lot of users surf the web on their mobile phones. If you haven’t optimized your website for mobile use till now, then you’re already far behind from your competitors.

Not having a mobile-friendly website will lower your website’s position in the mobile search engine rankings and you will lose many visitors because your site won’t be displayed properly on their mobile devices. You can use Google’s tool to find out if your site is mobile friendly here.

7) Become an expert in your chosen niche

You can only become an authority in your niche by creating fantastic content and engaging visitors using various social media platforms. When you become well-known as an authority, you strengthen your brand’s identity. As a result, the incoming traffic to your website will increase, and you will earn an increasing number of external links from high-quality sources.

You can also improve your authority by doing a few guest blogs on websites that are linked to the industry you are involved in.

8) Improve the page’s loading speed

A slow page loading pace negatively affects the site’s bounce rate. Users generally have little patience for such a page that takes a long time to load, and they generally leave a website after waiting for a couple of seconds.

Wrapping it up, give the above-mentioned points a try to improve your domain authority checker results. A good DA means your website has an authoritative online presence. 🙂

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