Best Video Making Software for Windows and Mac

Who said creating videos and storing them for the future memories lane is way too cliche in today’s fast mobbing world? In the era of smartphones and fast food, people still prefer to save all those memories they can, that too in the best way possible. Physical pictures and albums may be replaced by memory cards and phone galleries, but videos, even today, have a special place in the heart of the memory lane.

The Best Video Editing Software for Windows and Mac

Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows and Mac

A few years ago, to make a video, a professional video grapher was in great demand as people thought that making a video was an art that everybody could not master. But today, technology has brought in this convenience of mastering this art, that too at the comfort of your house!

To make an amazing video with all kinds of graphics and animations, all you need is an out of the world video maker, commonly known as a video creation software. Yes! You read it absolutely right – your urge to create a video and a video maker and editor is going to get you all the glamour in the next party, all thanks to the awesome video that you made.

1) Why choose a video creating software?

You should opt for a video creating software because –

  • It brings you multi functionality – it will allow you to make a new video, edit an existing video or add effects to your video.
  • Super friendly user interface – the video creating software has easy navigational options and the software is quite easy to understand. You do not need a separate course education to use video creating softwares.
  • Compatibility – The video creating software is compatible with all latest system operating devices. The video creating software for Windows and Mac supports the operating function i.e., Windows and iOS.
  • Easy to use – just with few clicks and other options, your video shall be ready. You have loads of options to choose from. Be it a new video or editing an existing video, just a few clicks on the software and your video is ready. It allows you to use your creativity in the best way possible.

Movavi Video Editor Software

If you are looking for best video creating software?

2) Features of a video creating software

A great video creating software offers the following features to its users –

Combine two different videos or cut and crop an existing video

Do not like a small part of the video? Cut it out! How you wish you could combine the first part of one video to the last part of another video? Join the two segments using a video creating software. You can also jumble up the video as per your needs

Upload files from your computer/phone

Capture & Edit Screenshot

Be it any file format, today, a video creating software allows you to browse and upload all kinds of multimedia formats for edit. It can be a webcam footage or a phone recording. It could also be certain tills from a whole movie.

Edit the backgrounds and the mains as per your requirement

The original video has too dim lighting? Increase the brightness and contrast of the video as per your likes. Other effects include adjusting the colors of background and mains, saturation adjustments and sharpening and blurring objects as per your likes and needs.

Bring in effects to the video

Vintage, VHS, camera shake or black and white – add effects to your video!  Most of the video creating software for windows and mac bring in over 60+ special effects to choose from.

Write your titles and add taglines to the video

The Best Video Editing Software Movavi Screenshot

Wish to write your own titles in the middle of the video to enhance the memories of the movie? Why not! Most of the video creating software allow you to write comments and tags. What more, you can rotate the text, create animated titles and choose from loads of fonts and sizes of the text.

Record a voice over

Give your personalized touch to the video by recording your own voice in some parts or all parts of the video. You can set the volume of the voice over as per your need. Most of the video creating software for windows and mac allow you to record your voice and the audio in any format. 🙂

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