Bingo Call Ready: Numbers 30 – 60

A traditional game played not only across the nation, but the world too, Bingo, has captured the hearts of players for many years, with new gamers joining daily, either online or down their local Bingo hall, in the hopes of being the first to call “House”.

With this being said, we wanted to help refresh your Bingo lingo, with the famous calls for numbers 30 through 60, so the next time you play online Bingo, or enjoy the game with friends down your local Bingo hall, you’ll know the number by just hearing the call! So, without further ado, here are the calls to listen out for!

Bingo Call Ready

  1. Dirty Gertie – A nickname for someone called Gertrude and the statue La Delivrance in North London in 1972. The saying was then reinforced in a song sung by soldiers in World War II.
  1. Get up and Run – Rhymes with 31.
  1. Buckle my Shoe – Rhymes with 32.
  1. Dirty Knee – Rhymes with 33.
  1. Ask for More – Rhymes with 34.
  1. Jump and Jive – A dance step that rhymes with 35.
  1. Three Dozen –12 is one dozen, 36 is two dozen, so three dozen is 36.
  1. More than 11 – Rhymes with 37, as is more than 11.
  1. Christmas Cake – Cockney rhyming slang.
  2. Steps – Homage to the 1935 British thriller film by Alfred Hitchcock, The 39 Steps.
  3. Life begins – Refers to the saying ‘life begins at 40’. Also known as “Naughty 40”, a saying by some, and a reference to the football hooligan firm linked to Stoke City F.C.
  4. Time for Fun – Rhymes with 41.
  1. Winnie the Pooh – Rhymes with 42 and pays homage to a beloved UK book character.
  1. Down on your Knees – A phrase made popular by soldiers in wartime.
  1. Droopy Draws – Rhymes with 44 and refers to sagging underwear.
  1. Halfway there – Halfway to 90. Mostly used in a game of 90 ball Bingo.
  1. Up to Tricks – Rhymes with 46.
  1. Four and Seven – The two numbers that create 47.
  1. Four Dozen –12 is referred to as a dozen, so four dozen is 48.
  1. PC – Pays homage to the BBC Radio series The Adventures of PC 49. When this is called, players reply to the caller saying “Evening all”.
  1. It’s a Bullseye! – Refers to the score of the dart bullseye and the score of 50. Also referred to as “Half a Century” in some games. It is also sometimes known asand “5 – 0, 5 – 0, it’s off to work we go”, which plays homage to a song the dwarfs sing in the Disney classic Snow White.
  2. Tweak of the Thumb – Rhymes with 51.
  1. Danny La Rue – Refers to a drag entertainer named Danny La Rue. Also known as “Chicken Vindaloo” which was introduced by Butlins in 2003, as well as “Deck of Cards” and “Weeks in the Year”, as each of these add up to 52.
  1. Here comes Herbie – Pays homage to the racing car Herbie and its number 53. When this is called, players reply back to the to the caller with “beep beep!”. You mightalso find that is number is sometimes called as “Stuck in a Tree” as this rhymes with 53.
  1. Man at the Door – Also known as “Clean the Floor” as these both rhyme with 54.
  1. All the Fives – 55 is made up of two 5’s. Sometimes also known as “Snakes Alive”, due to its rhyme.
  1. Shotts bus – Pays homage to the old number of the bus from Glasgow to Shotts. In addition, 56 is sometimes called out as “Was she worth it?” – a call that pays homage to the pre-decimal price of a marriage licence in Britain, 5/6d. When this is called, players call back to the caller saying “Every Penny!”.
  1. Heinz Varieties – Refers to the company Heinz and their ‘Heinz 57’ and the ’57 varieties’ slogan.
  2. Make them Wait – Rhymes with 58. The caller is also known to pause before announcing the call, to make the players wait.
  3. Brighton Line – Pays homage to Oscar Wilde’s play The Importance of Being Earnestreferencing trains 59, as well as referring to the bus that runs between Brighton and Shoreham-by-Sea, the number 59.
  4. Grandma’s getting Frisky – Rhymes with 60. Also called as “Five Dozen” because the number 12 is known as a dozen, so five dozen equals 60.
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