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How Blog Marketing Can Help Your Business

Blogging is huge right now. New blogs pop up every day, covering a massive range of different topics. They have the ability to really capture an audience, and can grow into a substantial online community. Some people manage to earn a full-time living just from their blogs, with no other business attached.

Many businesses are using this to their advantage, either by adding a blog section to their website, or setting up a new blog platform and hosting a blog separately, building a following, and driving traffic to their main website or store.

Why Blog Marketing Is Important for Your Business

Blog Marketing

If you are interested in learning other great ways to grow your business, consider an online MBA. Studying online would allow you to continue to run your business at the same time, and implement what you learn from your online masters in business administration straight away. Blog marketing has so much to offer your business, so here are just a few of the ways it could help you.

Increased Traffic

A blog is a great way to increase traffic to your business. It’s easy to fill your blog with great content, and make it SEO friendly. A plugin like Yoast SEO will help you get found via search engines. Remember the more qualify content you have, the more people will find you. Make sure you link back to either your business site or product pages as often as you can.

Build Loyalty

Build Loyalty

In a world where there is so much competition, loyalty is more important than ever. Use your blog to get to know your customers. Reply to their messages and emails and engage with them whenever you can. Use your blog to publish informative guides and become a trusted source of information. Your blog can be a way to showcase your products, post videos, and share reviews.

Customers love seeing how things work before they make a purchase, and live reviews will show you have faith in your products. This is likely to increase not only your customer retention, but also your word of mouth marketing.

Make Important Connections

Bloggers carry enormous influence. As I have said it’s a way to build trust. Many bloggers have a very loyal readership, especially those who have been blogging for a long time. Joining the bloggers world will give you some very important contacts when it comes to promoting your products. Work with other bloggers.

Ask them to write reviews for you. But always remember, you need to help them sometimes, too. Make real, honest relationships, and don’t just use people for your own gains.

New Audience

New Audience

You blog not only allows you to increase traffic, it also lets you reach a whole new audience. Social sharing is a great way to connect with people outside of your target audience whom you wouldn’t have spent time marketing towards, and wouldn’t have found you any other way. Focus on making your blog shareable. Have social share buttons displayed, and make sure you have images suitable for Pinterest.

Blog marketing can also be really good fun, so why not have a go! 🙂

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